Chrysler Script
Wed Feb 3, 2010 8:30am

Hello out there !! I need the Chrysler Script which is mounted above radio grill on the dash of a 48 Chrysler.

    • scriptlarry jett, Wed Feb 3 11:53pm
      There are several things it might say. What do you want yours to say?
      • Chrysler ScriptMike, Thu Feb 4 6:41am
        The piece I need is pot metal and the word on it is CHRYSLER in Script lettering.
        • Chrysler calloutLarry Jett, Thu Feb 4 11:06am
          Believe you need part number 1149 608. I thought I had a spare but don't. email John Cornfoot at crossramsranch@gmail.com Maybe he has a spare. Good hunting!
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