Re: Starter solenoid
Tue Nov 9, 2010 7:19pm

I have a nos starter solenoid. SS-4705 $300. plus shipping. Contact me at

  • Starter solenoidJames, Tue Jul 13 8:59pm
    Im in dire need of a 6volt starter mouted starter solenoid for a 1948 Chrys ,Windsor 6cyl
    • Re: Starter solenoid — Anonymous, Tue Nov 9 7:19pm
    • Starter solenoidfespar, Wed Jul 14 4:13am
      I've got one for a -48 New Yorker.Would it fit a 6-cyl?
      • Starter Solenoidplymouthdoctor, Thu Jul 15 2:55pm
        According to the master parts book for 1946 - 1948 Chrysler products, there was only one solenoid used for all Chrysler and DeSoto sixes and eights from 1942 - 1948. It is PN 957 467 Hope this helps. ... more
        • solenoidJames, Fri Jul 16 12:41am
          Thank you Plymouth Doctor ,appreciate it
      • solenoidJames , Wed Jul 14 10:26pm
        If it does fit how much ?
        • Starter solenoidfespar, Thu Jul 15 4:07am
          As I live in Sweden I'll have to check the shipping cost first.Then I'll give you a total.
      • solenoidJames, Wed Jul 14 10:23pm
        I honestly dont know but I bet someone on this board does. Can any on help ?
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