Tue Jan 4, 2011 4:49pm

Hi James,

I have a 47 windsor with the flat 6 from a 47 dodge. I have found that the seal does not really hold up well, it seems to leak slowly. I have also found that the stock clamp that holds the hose in place does not exert enough force to make this joint water-tight.

Perhaps replacing the seal and/or the clamp may help you out... I'd be curious to see if you find any other possibilities.


  • leak at front of engineJames, Thu Dec 30 6:21pm
    Wondering if anyone can help .I have a 48 windsor flathead 6 cyl . It sprung a leak at front of engine . Without tearing into it I dont know what it is but it leads me to believe water pump but it is ... more
    • Leak — stanislawadamowicz, Tue Jan 4 4:49pm
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