48 Chrysler electrical problem
Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:17am

Hi All,
I need to pick your brains a bit, if you don't mind.
A friend has a 48 Chrysler that is having an electrical problem.
It started out that one day he went to start the car and the starter engaged and the car started but the starter kept spinning. He turned the car off and then started it again and all was normal.
A few weeks later the car was acting like it had a dead battery. So we jumped the starter and the car started but the starter stayed running.
When you turn the ignition key on there isn't that customary "click" from the solenoid and everything electrical is dead - no lights, horn, etc...
The battery is fine and he even bought a new starter but that did not solve the problem.
Checked the ground and that seemed okay.
There is voltage from the battery to the starter solenoid but that is it. No voltage anywhere else.
Where should we start looking for the problem?
Voltage regulator, coil, ignition switch ????

Thanks, Joe

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