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Mon Sep 12, 2011 01:57

Sc-AnY One KILLAS fuk donas73st,ya dont want none with THE A what happen with ya homie clowney jaja ... FUK Bitches On Sasauges fuk them to diaper lames fuk windows BALLOONSk kaka DE PERROK, HOT FRIES GAY, FAGSk SOUR CREAM TAcOSK ,pbsk, BMSK !OGERS, YELLOW CHICKENSk, unionsk, BABY DICKS, rufflesk,BRSK,welcome 2 kmartk we BASHED wickeds lil sis precious n soldiers lil sis gabby on the A ... the rest of u hatin ass bitches that WOLF BUT NVR RUN UP! a's up hoes down

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