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hermione of vulcan
Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:00pm

There was a cup of tea sitting on the table. Neshomeh and Desdendelle both eyed it, for the tea was the love of both their lives, and each wanted to snatch it up and show it the extent of their feelings. Neshomeh reached for it, just as Desdendelle did the same. Their hands collided on the cup.

Des tugged on the cup, and Nesh pulled back. Des responded by tugging harder.

"That's mine!" Des said, trying to yank the cup out of Nesh's hands.

"No, it's mine!" Nesh insisted, keeping a firm grip and pulling harder. Des redoubled his efforts, now working on prying her fingers off.

"Yes!" he exclaimed triumphantly, holding up the cup to gaze at it in adoration.

"NOOO! MINE!" Nesh cried, diving over the table and tackling Des and the teacup to the ground. The tea splashed on both of them. They watched the teacup roll off into the distance and mourned the loss of their great love.

Nesh lay her head on Des's chest. "Why did we fight? The tea is lost!" She sniffed his tea stained shirt, then lifted her head. They locked eyes, simultaneously coming to the realization that mutual love of tea meant mutual love, and they fell into a passionate embrace. Who needs a teacup when you have a lover who is covered in tea?


Hope I didn't offend either of you. It was fun to write, and took much longer than it looks like it did.

  • Ooh, I also ship Desdendelle/tea.Neshomeh, Mon Mar 11 5:45pm
    Or me/tea, for that matter. ... This is going to lead to someone writing me/Des/tea, isn't it? ~Neshomeh
    • Nesh/Des/tea — hermione of vulcan, Mon Mar 11 10:00pm
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