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Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:36pm

Well, he wondered how many soldier jokes he was going to get. I don't think he expected THIS, though...


"So... you're a soldier."

Desdendelle glanced to the side, looking at Doclit curiously. "Why?" he asked. "Why is it important to a doctor?"

"Oh, you know how it is," Doc replied nervously. "I... well, I make sure animals don't get shot up."

"You won't have to worry about that," Des commented. "I don't actually shoot animals."

"Oh." Doc glanced to the side, before turning back to Des. Doc's gaze turned from Des' handsome sandy-blonde hair around the rest of his body. "I guess you pack a lot of guns, huh? I mean, being in the military and all."

Des rose an eyebrow, and then smirked. "As a matter of fact, I do," he said. "But I'm trained not to fire them unless I'm given good reason to."

"Oh?" "And what reason might that be?"

Des simply smirked, leaning closer to []. "Perhaps we can find out. I've got some free time later today..."

And so, Des and Doc ended up testing Des' guns throughout the rest of the day.


Sorry. Couldn't resist the number of gun-related euphemisms here. Hopefully you two aren't too bothered by it, LOL.

  • The PPC Boarder Shipfic Fest 2013Data Junkie, Mon Mar 11 3:37am
    Well, spring is once more in the air, for some of us at least, and I figured the timing couldn't be better, considering what's just twoish threads down from this. That's right ladies, gentlemen,... more
    • So I drank too much coffee just now and Boarder party.KittyNoodles, Sat Mar 16 3:53am
      Despite the fact that some participants are named, it is safe to assume that everyone who signed up is here and everyone who didn't is not, because that is exactly what is happening.... more
      • Teehee :-)Khaosity, Sat Mar 16 5:48pm
        That...actually sounds like something I would do (getting us all together and receiving a ban from the town, that is). This is why I am not allowed to be bored :-D "Banned from Argo" also came to my... more
        • -spits tea everywhere-KittyNoodles, Sat Mar 16 10:59pm
          Wh-WHAT. XD
          • What Data Junkie said about the reference...Khaosity, Sun Mar 17 6:22pm
            As for why I'm not allowed to be bored? Well... there was the time I enacted the "Epiphany" scene from Sweeney Todd in the middle of town, then the time my friends and I played "subway tag" through... more
            • A reenactment of the Silmarillion?Silken Dawn, Wed Mar 20 8:42pm
              How long did THAT take?
              • Wasn't finished by a long shot...Khaosity, Wed Mar 20 9:59pm
                It ended when the teacher from next door came in (ours got called off and left us unsupervised, thinking that eleventh graders were old enough to know better) and asked us what the heck was going on, ... more
                • AwesomeDawnFire, Sat Mar 23 10:24am
                  Wish my grade had done that. Would've been fun. Not sure enough of us knew the Silmarillion, though. ...we definitely oculd have done Harry Potter. That would have been awesome, and everyone knew it. ... more
                  • Boarding schools...Khaosity, Sat Mar 23 11:11am
                    Where the people who would be "losers" at normal schools are suddenly the coolest! We'd already done Harry Potter to death. And PotC. Also, I did say half the class was clueless... Some of them were... more
          • It's another Banned from Argo reference.Data Junkie, Sun Mar 17 5:42pm
            "The Head Nurse disappeared awhile in the major Dope Bazaar, Buying an odd green potion "guaranteed to cause Pon-Farr." She came home with no uniform and an oddly cheerful heart, And a painful way of ... more
    • Bryn/Herrfiremagic, Fri Mar 15 11:14pm
      HerrWozzeck entered Bryn's room. "What did you want to see me for?" he asked. Bryn nodded. "I need help with something. Something I heard that you're good at, that I can't do by myself." "Sounds... more
    • Afternoon sunlight slanted down from the library's high windows. Only two remained inside at this hour, hunched over an enormous leather bound tome, united in their desire for learning. "So you see," ... more
      • Very funny!son_of_heaven176, Thu Mar 14 9:27pm
        At least my Latin post managed to do some good! Really put a smile on my face. (Nit-pick: Check the posts mentioning the plural of Deus ex Machina again: you should have written dei ex machinis or... more
      • *laughs so hard she cries*Khaosity, Thu Mar 14 3:44pm
        This is awesome! Much better than my ficlet, in which Tray-Gnome is apparently an illithid/squirrel hybrid...or something o.O (there we see the necessity of engaging Mr. Brain before writing)
        • NahSilken Dawn, Thu Mar 14 4:47pm
          I liked your ficlet a ton. There's nothing like extremely thinly veiled innuendo! Plus it indirectly spawned an adorable mini, which I should probably claim.
          • Awww, thanks!Khaosity, Sat Mar 16 9:56pm
            Sorry, just saw this! Yeah, you should go claim the nano-squirrel down there... Iss kyoot (probably).
      • I don't know about that...DawnFire, Thu Mar 14 12:16pm
        ...I was laughing pretty much the entire way through. No hitting myself with blunt objects. *cringes away from the swarm of innuendo in the above* ( should probably be noted that my brain may or ... more
      • 'Cause, well... he does.
    • KittyNoodles was sitting in her favorite chair, reading Pratchett, when her door opened. Plat stood in the doorframe, backlit by the fiery glory of a California sunset. “Hello there, Kitty.” Plat’s... more
    • Phobos/Neshomeh/Herr WozzeckVixenMage, Tue Mar 12 7:37pm
      Neshomeh and Phobos were lying in bed one afternoon, murmuring softly, and doing whatever it is that happily married couples do in bed together*, when Neshomeh suddenly jumped up, cursing. "What is... more
      • The notes made me laugh.Sergio Turbo, Thu Mar 14 12:08pm
        I guess things get heated when couples play Shadowrun... *can't find a way to make a joke about it* And my attempt at making a lame joke failed because my brain apparently thinks that my jokes are... more
    • Oh, geeze, almost forgot my descriptionPretzel, Tue Mar 12 7:10pm
      5'2", blue-gray eyes, petite, dark brown hair (shoulder-length), tends to wear steampunk stuff whenever possible. Prefers female pronouns; doesn't care about how she's shipped with people. Have fun.
    • Kaitlyn/BeautyIDHuinesoron, Tue Mar 12 3:31pm
      "Oh, hey! You're awesome!" "Well, yes, I know," BeautyID preened. "What brings this on?" "Nothing!" Kaitlyn exclaimed (but did not explain). "You just are ." "Thank you," BiD acknowledged. "Now, how... more
    • Alright, fine.World-Jumper, Tue Mar 12 1:22pm
      I don't think I'm necessarily going to write a shipfic, that's just not my thing, but feel free to make one about me. (Then again, KittyReice has been pricking at my well as Dawn of... more
      • Uh...DawnFire, Tue Mar 12 3:38pm
        ...Dawn of Vulcan? Huh? Someone want to jump on that and write something where either DawnFire or Silken Dawn goes to visit Hermione of Vulcan and... (take it from there)? ~DF
        • Well, I was thinking DawnFire/Hermione of Vulcan...World-Jumper, Wed Mar 13 2:12pm
          But then again, Silken Dawn could work too. I like where this idea is going! Anyway, realizing I actually do have to give some basic description of myself, here you go: I am an 18 year old, caucasian ... more
        • We could BOTH visit Hermione...Silken Dawn, Tue Mar 12 10:04pm
          ...although then neither of us could write it. Huh.
          • You could both visit…hermione of vulcan, Wed Mar 13 7:48am
            …And then fight over me, which breaks up when I choose both of you. Here's a quote: "It was like when someone asked Kirk or Picard. If you didn't want to start a fight, you said Janeway. This was the ... more
          • There actually isn't a rule...Huinesoron, Wed Mar 13 4:03am
            ... against writing about yourself (witness: Very Odd Day and friends). However, it's generally best not to invent and write a ship about yourself and someone else. If someone else has already... more
    • Huinesoron/Neshomehhermione of vulcan, Tue Mar 12 9:59am
      Neshomeh had been waiting. It had been three hours since Huinesoron had left, saying he was going to "welcome back" the returning oldbies. Nesh knew what that meant, of course - who wouldn't want a... more
    • I hesitate to say it, but...DawnFire, Tue Mar 12 8:17am
      Go ahead. Just over 5', light brown hair, color-changing eyes (ok, ok, they don't really, but...actually, after all the badfic, I wouldn't be surprised if I'd caught that Sue-trait). Approximately... more
    • hS and Kaitlyn are in.Huinesoron, Tue Mar 12 6:01am
      hS is male, British, brown hair, and rather too skinny for comfort. He may also be a Noldorin elf in disguise since the fall of Nargothrond, though the jury is still out on that. Kaitlyn is female,... more
      • BeautyID/Starwind RohanaHuinesoron, Tue Mar 12 6:03am
        Since they both recently returned, it must be because they felt a burning desire to see each other again... right? "So... you came back too?" "Well, you know how it is," Starwind shrugged. "Sometimes ... more
        • What! Way to blow my cover!BeautyID, Tue Mar 12 1:42pm
          *Re-adjusts blonde wig, glances around in a shifty manner*
        • Huinesoron/BeautyID/Starwind Rohanahermione of vulcan, Tue Mar 12 7:59am
          Starwind Rohana and BeautyID may have both come back, and seen each other and decided to get together. However, the reason each of them came back was not, in fact, to see each other. (After all, how... more
          • Oh... dear.Huinesoron, Tue Mar 12 9:45am
            That even reads like Odd Day... (Speaking of which, question: I can't remember leaving any copies of those stories accessible. Are they really still up somewhere?) hS
            • Yes, they are.DawnFire, Tue Mar 12 12:50pm
              And they're hilarious, as are the other stories there. Please don't take them down... *offers a bribe of Swiss Bleepolate* ~DF
              • ... are we talking about...Huinesoron, Tue Mar 12 1:45pm
                ... this place ? Because I honestly assumed that had been deleted years ago. If so, I don't think I can delete it: I don't know the sign-in information any more. That website is very old . (Also:... more
                • Just so you know...hermione of vulcan, Tue Mar 12 5:48pm
                  I have now added that link to the Very Odd Day wiki page. Too make it easier to find the insanity, of course.
                • I believe we are, yes.DawnFire, Tue Mar 12 3:41pm
                  Oh, good. That is to say, the stories there were hilarious to read, and I'm glad they can't be taken down :D (There were ? Unfortunately, by your wording I'm guessing that they don't exist anywhere... more
    • Oh, so this is still running?Starwind Rohana, Tue Mar 12 5:34am
      Well, as the dirty-minded (ex-)editor of the Multiverse Monitor, I'm in. (Even if I'm only back for a brief visit.)
      • Oh, and...Starwind Rohana, Tue Mar 12 5:35am
        British female, 22 (good grief, I feel ancient), blonde, tall, long fingernails. (Looong fingernails. I've drawn blood. Once. Accidentally.)
    • So this is still happeningBeautyID, Tue Mar 12 12:23am
      I can't believe I (might have) been the origin of this madness. Please, feel free to write about me. I am 6'4" with a muscular build, chin-length blonde hair, and I speak with an Albanian accent.... more
      • Gosh, it's like you're standing in front of me.Huinesoron, Tue Mar 12 5:58am
        How did you write such an accurate description? Do you have some sort of magic computer program to create it for you? :P (You are aware that by posting this you have guaranteed yourself an... more
    • Desdendelle/Doclit — HerrWozzeck, Mon Mar 11 10:36pm
    • Sergio Turbo/PhobosNeshomeh, Mon Mar 11 6:10pm
      As everyone knows, all Italians are handsome and hot. Therefore, this was inevitable. One day, Sergio Turbo stood in front of the mirror, admiring himself. He turned one way, and then the other,... more
      • I know I'm going to regret asking, but . . .doctorlit, Tue Mar 12 9:27am
        . . . green-on-white smut? Is that . . . elf on . . . Caucasian?
        • Alas, no.Neshomeh, Tue Mar 12 9:51am
          That's just me mangling the colors of the Italian flag. I forgot the red. >. ~Neshomeh
      • You made me choke on my tea...KittyNoodles, Tue Mar 12 12:58am
        Oh my god, this is how these things go? I love this game!
        • Yup!Neshomeh, Tue Mar 12 9:53am
          This isn't even my best work. {; P ~Neshomeh
    • Count me in!Khaosity, Mon Mar 11 5:34pm
      Not sure if I'm actually gonna write something, but feel free to use me as you see fit ;-) For the record, I'm 22, female, 165cm (whatever that is in feet/inches), have dark red waist-length hair... more
    • I'm gonna regret this aren't I?Stargazing Sketcher, Mon Mar 11 4:41pm
      I'm a 19 year old Female ????(Read:I have no Idea whatsoever)Sexual Please don't do anything crazy (yeah right)
    • Wait, it's already that time of year again?firemagic, Mon Mar 11 3:39pm
      I could swear we just had it, but now that I think about it, I guess it has been a whole year! Well, I dunno how well I can write shipping fic, but I'll try my hand at it, and as with last year I'm... more
      • Oh, andfiremagic, Mon Mar 11 3:42pm
        16-year-old female with whatever orientation works for your particular shipfic.
    • I'm in.Ivan the Not-so-Terrible, Mon Mar 11 2:56pm
      All kinds of ships, I guess. I'm male.
    • I'm in.Bryn, Mon Mar 11 2:18pm
      Pronouns he/they please :)
    • I'm in. *glee*Cassie, Mon Mar 11 1:22pm
      I missed out on the last one or two. If anyone really wants the details, I'm 24, female, blonde, and bespectacled. Oh, and English.
    • Okay, I guess I'm in.hermione of vulcan, Mon Mar 11 12:50pm
      You can call my character Hermione. Shoulder length curly brown hair, glasses, brown eyes. 5'4". Bisexual for the purposes of this. Make Star Trek, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or My Little Pony... more
      • Addendumhermione of vulcan, Mon Mar 11 10:33pm
        I like chocolate. Use that however you will.
    • I'm inSilken Dawn, Mon Mar 11 12:42pm
      *whispers* I'm up for shipping any which way, including cargo. :)
      • Also, stats!Silken Dawn, Tue Mar 12 9:58pm
        25-year-old female, shortish, blonde, freckles, sometimes wears glasses.
    • Suuure.Desdendelle, Mon Mar 11 12:33pm
      Go ahead, ship me. I wonder how many army jokes will be used.
      • AddendumDesdendelle, Mon Mar 11 4:39pm
        I'm an 18 (almost 19) male. I'm also a soldier.
        • Addendum to the addendumDesdendelle, Mon Mar 11 5:46pm
          Short sandy hair, 172 cm (that's 5'6''), black rectangular eyeglasses. No goatee - the army made me shave it :(
    • Okay, sure.melancholicPoet, Mon Mar 11 12:31pm
      I'll join in 19, whatever, whatever. oh, can I add in that people aren't supposed to write about themselves? just to avoid last years mishap?
    • I'm in!VixenMage, Mon Mar 11 12:31pm
      Twenty-two, female*, bisexual, short and blond. *not particular about gender, though
    • Also in!Neshomeh, Mon Mar 11 12:10pm
      And I ship the Madoka fans, the Nanoha fans, and the bronies (separately, but together would work, too). Friendship is magic, indeed. *eyebrow waggle* ~Neshomeh
      • But, seriously, do you really think that shipping those three categories is a good idea? 'Cause breeding them means that we're going to have more "FRIENDSHIP AND BIG BOOM!" fanatics here. This has... more
        • Evil plan? What evil plan?Neshomeh, Mon Mar 11 5:44pm
          No, really. My memory is awful. I have no idea what you're talking about. o.o (However, one of your other posts has given me an evil idea of my own. Muahaha.) ~Neshomeh
        • HmmmDesdendelle, Mon Mar 11 5:15pm
          -Counts on his hands- for the Nanoha and Madoka fandoms, IIRC there are me, Firemagic and Sergio. Someone should write a threesome. With lots of befriending. And giant magical lasers. And tea.... more
          • Ooh, I also ship Desdendelle/tea.Neshomeh, Mon Mar 11 5:45pm
            Or me/tea, for that matter. ... This is going to lead to someone writing me/Des/tea, isn't it? ~Neshomeh
            • Nesh/Des/teahermione of vulcan, Mon Mar 11 10:00pm
              There was a cup of tea sitting on the table. Neshomeh and Desdendelle both eyed it, for the tea was the love of both their lives, and each wanted to snatch it up and show it the extent of their... more
      • *realizes she fits all three categories* (nm)firemagic, Mon Mar 11 3:41pm
    • Available.doctorlit, Mon Mar 11 12:04pm
      Twenty-six-year-old asexual male. It would probably be useful to ignore the asexual part, though.
    • I am inPhobos, Mon Mar 11 10:44am
      An idea has already presented itself, so I will be back with a fic later today. -Phobos
    • I'm in.HerrWozzeck, Mon Mar 11 9:06am
      22-year-old bisexual guy here. Go wild, ladies and gentlemen. =P
    • I'm in.Sergio Turbo, Mon Mar 11 7:29am
      21 years old straight male. Ship to your heart's content.
      • Oh, forgot.Sergio Turbo, Mon Mar 11 4:49pm
        I'm Italian, too, so I am handsome and hot and... Nah, scratch that. As if anyone would believe me anyway.
    • I'm in for it!Pretzel, Mon Mar 11 4:10am
      I may or may not write, though-- finals are upon me and ahuerhulfhn...
    • I'm in~ Riese, Mon Mar 11 3:47am
      I may not post, but feel free to have your wicked way with me...~
      • Augh. BrainfartRiese, Mon Mar 11 2:42pm
        20, 6'1 male. Brown hair, blue eyes. I don't always switch-hit, but when I do, I prefer to do it in Shipfest. Stay classy, my friends.
    • I'm in if you want me.Makari, Mon Mar 11 3:45am
      Though usually I seem to be too innocent to be touched. Also, I'm quiet and say nothing. May I recommend that someone get on top of the boy band vintage before it goes off?
    • I love this time of year.PitViperOfDoom, Mon Mar 11 3:40am
      And as usual, feel free to ship me to the moon with whoever you choose.
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