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Wow. And to think, I grudgingly respected you once. (nm)
Fri Apr 15, 2016 8:08am

  • "Time Lord memories are not infinite."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Fri Apr 15 8:03am
    "It just looks that way. I apologise for the error. However, when it comes to general rules from non-representative cases, I put it to you that aside from in non-representative cases wherein one's... more
    • Nah, I was never very majestic.Jennifer Robinson, Fri Apr 15 11:02am
      I leave that to my properly deific cousins. Enough of them threw their hats in that ring that I see no particular need to do the same. Heck, this isn't even slumming it. Slumming it was when I spent... more
      • ((OOC: Er, chaps. Quick question.))Scapegrace, Fri Apr 15 12:08pm
        Am I going a bit overboard with this? I mean, the Notary's the one posting, definitely, but should I rein her in a bit for the Board? I don't want to make people feel uncomfortable...
        • ((I don't see any problem.))Desdendelle, Fri Apr 15 12:41pm
          ((Then again it takes quite a lot for me to actually see a problem, so I'm probably not a good yardstick for that.))
        • (( If it helps... ))Neshomeh, Fri Apr 15 12:37pm
          Neither Jenni nor I are at all upset, because none of it is actually personal. That doesn't make it okay, of course, but just in case anyone's worried for my/her sake, you don't have to be. {= ) And, ... more
          • ((Your read is absolutely right.))Scapegrace, Fri Apr 15 1:12pm
            ((Though if you want to get technical, it was less that a line had been crossed and more that the Notary realized she was overextended on that front and couldn't hold that position without... more
      • "The gods play games with the lives of men."Scapegrace, Fri Apr 15 11:28am
        "You deny your power and your heritage for the sake of... what, exactly? Personal satisfaction? The feeling of contentment when you do something without your abilities, when with a wave of the hand... more
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