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Wed May 4, 2016 4:27pm

"Technically right, but I don't think we're ever gonna see that. Ever." He looked around and bent down to Laquisha's level. "Can you keep a secret, miss? I'm all outta regenerations. Back when I was a soldier there were... let's say there were people who needed the regeneration energy more than I did. I gave it to them and only kept enough for one more face-- and here it is. I'm not sad about it: most of the people I helped got to see the end of the War and will get to live out their full cycles, healthy and happy. And that makes me happy as well."

  • Laquisha grimaced a bit . . .doctorlit, Wed May 4 10:06am
    . . . at the Guardsman's description of his former injuries. "Well, ah. Good thing you're a Time Lord after all that . . . But that is SO COOL a name! It's perfect for someone in DIA, and actually,... more
    • "Ha..." — SeaTurtle, Wed May 4 4:27pm
      • Laquisha, for once, was speechless.doctorlit, Thu May 5 12:37am
        She stared baldly in the Guardsman's eyes for a few long moments. Finally, she said, "Wow," and set her plate back on the table. Staring down at the floor, she quietly started to say, "That's... more
        • The Time Lord laughed... SeaTurtle, Thu May 5 8:39am
 he stood up. "Well, I like to think so. It sure didn't feel 'cool' at the time but I'm very glad it worked out. I even got the Lifegiver's Cross for it-- that's always nice." He snatched a... more
          • "Right. I'll remember." Laquisha nodded.doctorlit, Thu May 5 11:17pm
            "So, is that why you do rescue missions for agents instead of regular missions?"
            • "Mostly, yeah."SeaTurtle, Thu May 5 11:32pm
              "I've got the experience needed to lead these types of missions," said the Guardsman. "And I don't really know much apart from my own home 'verse and my partners' home 'verse. So I said to myself:... more
              • Laquisha held up a finger dramatically.doctorlit, Fri May 6 9:10am
                "But! Who Guardsmans the Guardsman?" She grinned.
                • "My partners, of course."SeaTurtle, Sat May 7 9:49am
                  "My best friends," he said with a smile. "I couldn't imagine working for the PPC without them— it'd be a terribly dull experience, you know."
                  • Laquisha nodded vigorously.doctorlit, Sat May 7 10:34pm
                    "I know what you mean! Even for classes where some of the homework is reading and watching movies . . . it would still just be school, if I didn't have the rest of my class, all working on the same... more
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