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New mission!
Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:32pm

Ix and Charlotte get to deal with a replaced Harry Potter and... a loving Voldemort?

    • Nitpicks Hieronymus Graubart, Tue Oct 18 4:30am
      ďYou might want to grab you brace for this.Ē Should be "your"? Voldemort went on to claim that Harry was now the only remaining horcrux , because in order to use the Stone to regain a body, he needed ... more
      • Fixed, thanks.Iximaz, Tue Oct 18 6:12am
        Not sure why people think the "stick" was supposed to be a firearm, though; it's a wand.
    • Re: New mission!Bramandin, Thu Oct 13 10:28am
      During Ix' flashback, wouldn't she be able to identify a wand, or was it a gun? Sounds like a very evil story.
      • Looks like a rifle to me. Hieronymus Graubart, Tue Oct 18 4:25am
        The werewolf expected to bite a Muggle and actually didnít realize that Ix is a witch when she told him that she isnít Caitlyn, so Mr Rosenberger must be a Muggle neighbor and canít carry a wand.... more
    • Hair of Slytherin: Big ReviewMatt Cipher, Wed Oct 12 4:33pm
      All right, I promised myself to take reviewing missions more seriously (one of the reasons being I actually want to get good at both writing and helping out), so this is my first shot at an actual,... more
    • I would read a fanfic about Ix's life.Neshomeh, Wed Oct 12 3:38pm
      (Hi, I'm trying to review more!) I think the flashback was my favorite part of this story. The mission was good, too, but there was such atmosphere and emotion in the flashback, I really got into it. ... more
      • I'll try to tone it down in the future. Guess it's my fault for not knowing how to do fluff properly. :(
        • It's not like I'm taking it personally. {= )Neshomeh, Wed Oct 12 4:03pm
          I think what bugs me is that Ix doesn't seem really into it; she blushes and gets flustered and seems kind of uncomfortable herself, like she's just tolerating it because she doesn't know what to do... more
          • My fault for not making it more clear, then.Iximaz, Wed Oct 12 4:06pm
            I was trying to show she was pleased by the attention but also unused to it and unsure how she was supposed to respond. So... maybe any suggestions how that could be improved?
            • Let's see...Neshomeh, Fri Oct 14 3:14pm
              Basically, just put in more positive reactions to Charlotte's attention. I realize a lot of it is because of the nightmare, but this story has a lot of negative or at best neutral ones, and only one... more
    • Wow, that was as bad as you said.Hardric, Wed Oct 12 3:13pm
      And the basilic made indeed for the perfect kill here. The relationship between Charlotte and Ix is always sweet to see, without being overbearing. Now, for the flashback/nightmare about Ix's past... ... more
    • I liked it.Aegis, Wed Oct 12 2:57pm
      I love these characters, and where you're taking them. Seeing more background for Ix was interesting, and this story did an excellent job of showing that her character has quite a bit of depth-... more
    • I liked this one.Sergio Turbo, Wed Oct 12 2:46pm
      We got some more insight in Ix (and the poor girl surely had it hard), and the badfics was... really, really idiotic. Good work on the takedown, I really like the use of the Basilisk. Now, a little... more
    • Could Voldemort even canonly love a son?Jebboy, Wed Oct 12 2:04pm
      He was born of a love potion correct? Isn't it canon for those born under the affects of one to have zero clue when it comes to love of any kind? I mean it's uncanon for him to show love to anyone... more
      • Yup, pretty sure it is.palindromordnilap, Wed Oct 12 2:05pm
        ... Which, now that I think about it, has really Unfortunate Implications, but I definitely remember that being a canon thing.
        • Unfortunate could be an understatementJebboy, Wed Oct 12 2:15pm
          I haven't seen the movies in a while but I remember the lines about the love potion so much because of just how jarring the idea was to me at the time. A love potion that forced love onto another... more
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