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Intelligence report.
Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:30am

Also, would anyone like to do a cowrite with me? It doesn't have to be this story.

    • Er, Bram. Larfen J. Stocke, esq, Fri Oct 14 6:56am
      This isn't an intelligence report. Intelligence reports are written by, and from the perspective of PPC spies. Who work in the Department of Intelligence. Which is the entire idea of the department.... more
      • I feel compelled to point out...Huinesoron, Fri Oct 14 7:11am
        ... that I've previously asked people to submit badfic recommendations in this format (well, I tweaked it slightly) for my Driftwood missions. It's not a bad way of presenting a badfic - certainly... more
        • Ah, bugger. Larfen J. Stocke, esq, Fri Oct 14 7:17am
          I mean, it recommended badfic and it showed that it was bad. Fair enough. Nevermind!
    • Well.Desdendelle, Thu Oct 13 4:16pm
      I wouldn't mind co-writing with you because of a variety of reasons, but shouldn't you first read the concrit that's been given for your previous things and at least acknowledge its existence?
    • Bram, listen.Iximaz, Thu Oct 13 1:28pm
      Your last two stories , you were given concrit which you either ignored or didn't see. I suggest you address the issues brought up next time you write something. As for this story in particular.... I ... more
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