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Permission Request!
Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:28pm

Having been chatting on Discord, and occasionally throwing in my two cents on the Board from these comfortable seats in the peanut gallery, I've decided that comfortable seats aren't really my style.
This being the case, I'd like to take a step forward, and write about my own little corner(s) of PPC HQ.

I'd ramble on a bit further, but I think I ought to let the prompts speak for themselves.

As such, please allow me to introduce my prospective agents, the Detective and Jack Riggs.

And, in their first prompt, very in character for the man concerned, One Agent Steals Something from Another.

Followed after some unspecified amount of time by the Agents Receiving a Mission.

So please- read, and even enjoy if you like. Thanks.

    • Permission Hat on.PoorCynic, Thu Oct 13 11:18pm
      (CONTAINS VAGUE SPOILERS FOR DOCTOR WHO ) The Agents I have some concerns here regarding both characters. First off, and perhaps most notable, is the Detective. Describing one of your protagonists as ... more
      • Thanks very much for taking a look.Aegis, Fri Oct 14 12:38am
        While I'm saddened to hear my interest in jerkish characters isn't universal, I appreciate your saying so. That goes for the rest, as well. I'll be sure and work on clarifying the language,... more
    • Here we go!Mattman The Comet, Thu Oct 13 9:01pm
      Everything's looking good on my end, so much so that I'd give you the green light if I had that ability.
    • My planned first badfic:Aegis, Thu Oct 13 8:48pm
      The inestimable " Broken Universe. " Inestimable, if only because I refuse to estimate that low.
    • WAIT A MINUTE!Aegis, Thu Oct 13 8:35pm
      For some unknowable reason, Ix would like to be associated with this, so thanks to both you and the brilliant Matt Cipher- who's getting dragged in now whether he likes it or not- for doing me the... more
    • Good luck! (nm)Iximaz, Thu Oct 13 8:29pm
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