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Random Potterverse question: How much does a Galleon weigh?
Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:28pm

And then, more to the point, how much would one thousand Galleons weigh? I need to know because a character in a fic I'm sporking drops a bag of 1,000 Galleons on Cornelius Fudge's desk. Naturally, my agents are inclined to steal it, and I'm wondering if they could even lift it unassisted.


    • First approximation:Huinesoron, Fri Oct 14 3:38pm
      A gold sovereign weighs around 8g. That means the bag would weigh 8kg, roughly 17 1/2 pounds. That's easily liftable - imagine picking up two cats (and then laugh at the mental image, because srsly)... more
      • I knew I could count on you. {= )Neshomeh, Fri Oct 14 4:52pm
        I must be imagining that gold is heavier than it is. I know it's heavier than it looks, but I have no notion of what that actually means in terms of the physics/math involved. Apparently there was a... more
        • Yeah, but that was a prize.Scapegrace, Fri Oct 14 4:56pm
          If it was me, I'd cast a lightening charm on the bag, just in case you're handing it out to, say, some skinny little herbert half-dead from going through a wizarding tournament and a fight with a... more
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