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PPC Filk Song!
Fri Oct 14, 2016 11:06pm

When I was listening to Smash Mouth earlier today, I got a sudden flash of inspiration from a certain line, and... this was the result.

oh god please don't laugh at my shrill voice or awkward lyrics

    • I love how the PPC is developing a voiceCat-on-the-Keyboard, Sun Oct 16 12:10am
      I'm really excited by the recent trend of reading things out loud, singing, and all that. I like voice acting, hearing actual laughter, singing. . . It feels even more alive. --Key is making plans to ... more
      • Actually, has that been done before? Larfen J. Stocke, esq, Sun Oct 16 1:21am
        You know, missions in other media from text? Podcasts or videos or interpretive dance, or whatever? I mean, I know there was that one comic from a while back. And a videogame, or something.
      • I just love being able to talk to people.Iximaz, Sun Oct 16 12:33am
        I have very, very few friends IRL due to a combination of crippling shyness and losing a bunch of friends recently, so being able to talk to people on the internet in more ways than just text is... more
    • That was brililant!Karen DuLay, Sat Oct 15 9:19pm
      I love a good filk! And you have a really nice singing voice!
    • LOVE IT!Tesla, Sat Oct 15 2:37pm
      The song is hilarious! You have a very lovely voice Iximaz. :3
    • Already bookmarked this.Hardric, Sat Oct 15 1:42pm
      And frankly, your voice is more thant adequate compared to oter people could listen on the Web. And, well detourning lyrics like this is already something we do on the Christmas period, you're just... more
    • Nice!Neshomeh, Sat Oct 15 1:03pm
      Entertaining lyrics? Check. On pitch? Check. On rhythm? Check. I like it! Could only be improved by more confidence. {= ) ~Neshomeh
    • Your voice is lovely!KittyEden, Sat Oct 15 5:40am
      And the lyrics were great. :D Also, this reminded me of PPC: the Musical , which is still one of my favorite stories for some reason. Specifically, the second song of the first chapter. But I like... more
    • Re: PPC Filk Song!Acolyte Oakdown, Sat Oct 15 5:09am
      Insta-subscribed. And your voice is actually really good. You should check out my channel, I sing a little too.
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