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Cameo Calls Star Wars/Star Trek Crossover
Sat Oct 15, 2016 3:10pm

So I have been playing around with an idea for a few weeks, and I finally decided I am going to start working on it. As the subject indicates this is going to be a Star Wars/Star Trek Crossover.

We have a Imperial-I Class Star Destroyer from basically right before the Battle of Endor winding up in basically in the STO Mainstream Timeline. It will encounter basically an Expy of the Enterprise-D. What I want to do is really give life to both ships, so instead of just randomly creating names, I figured I would ask if anyone has any of the following they would like to make an appearance.

1. Agents from either Universe
2. Star Trek Online Captains/Bridge Officers
3. Old Republic Characters
4. Any other character that fits within either Universe

If anyone is interested feel free to post a name, rank, species, and maybe a brief description. Because even if they will be a cameo, I want to make sure I get the essence right.

If anyone does want to submit a character, I have a few restrictions.

1. No Force Users. Force users at this time in the Star Wars Universe are very rare, and I already have a concentration that pushes reasonable belief.
2. No Borg. There are very few Federation Aligned Borg, and I'm already using my STO Liberated Borg Bridge Officer.
3. No Klingons. This is set a time where the Federation and Klingon Empire at war, and the Klingons will be one of the enemies that will be encountered in the course of the story.
4. No Rank above Lieutenant. I already have top ranked officers set.

Roles I am specifically looking for if anyone wants to suggest anything:

1. 11 Black Squadron TIE Pilots.
2. 6 Gamma Squadron TIE Bomber Pilots.
3. 9 Obsidian Squadron TIE Pilots.
4. 6 Sigma Squadron TIE Interceptor Pilots.
5. 6 Avenger Squadron TIE Interceptor Pilots.
6. 2 Omega Squadron TIE Defender Pilots.
7. 3 Onyx Squadron TIE Defender Pilots.
8. 2 Lambda Class Shuttle Pilots.
9. Assorted Bridge Techs, TIE Mechanics, Medical Staff, Stormtroopers.

On the Federation Side

1. 1 Transporter Chief
2. 3 Nurses
3. 1 Bartender
4. 5 Security Redshirts.
5. 1 Conn Officer
6. 1 Ship's Counselor
7. 2 Engineers
8. 1 Communications Officer
9. Assorted other Techs

    • I've got one.Neshomeh, Sat Oct 15 4:32pm
      Castor Parwill for Ship's Counselor, if you'll have them. Heck, since I haven't bothered coming up with a backstory for them, this could even be it. Pertinent details are on the wiki article. Most... more
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