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Mattman The Comet
RP: The Haunted Medical.
Sat Oct 15, 2016 8:22pm

Semi-Canon - Canon unless contradicted.

The following comes from automated security reports from the Department of Internal Affairs.

10/30/2016, 23:59:59 HST:
Medical Department has Blacked Out.

10/31/2016, 00:00:00 HST:
Medical Department has gone missing.

10/31/2016, 00:01:21 HST:
Special Response Division contacted, sortied.
Department of External Security put on standby.

10/31/2016, 00:05:42 HST:
Agent [REDACTED], DIA: SR formally confirms the loss of Medical Department.
Agent also confirms presence of Plot Hole in it's place.

10/31/2016, 00:06:12 HST:
Response Center Under his workbench, Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology contacted, Agent Makes-Things responds, en route to former location of Medical.

10/31/2016, 01:42:11 HST:
Agent Makes-Things arrives.

10/31/2016, 5:27:37 HST:
Agent Makes-Things confirms location of Medical Department within Plot Hole.
Agent confirms Department cannot be immediately be retrieved.
Department can be immediately contacted.
Agent expects to be able to retrieve Department by 11/01/2016, 00:00:00 HST, 24 hrs after initial loss.

10/31/2016, 6:00:00 HST:
Retrieval equipment arrives.
Communication equipment arrives.
Communication established.
Plot Hole interference does not allow 2-way communication. The following message is broadcast over all possible frequencies, including PA: Stay calm. Expect rescue within 18 hours. Happy Halloween.
Halloween Playlist broadcast over PA.
First song: Spooky Scary Skeletons.
ETA declared at intervals of 30 minutes.


The power has gone out in Medical. The red emergency lights being the only thing to light your way. You are trapped in a seemingly endless maze. You (and your partner, if your writer wants) have yet to encounter another agent, and everything you do encounter are extremely fitting for the date. In fact, you might say you're in a horror movie.


This is will be something along the lines of a Horror RP. Instead of interacting with fellow agents, agents interact with whatever the cruel and frankly horrifying things you boarders come up with.

Like so:

Mattman: Agent Matthew looks horrified, slowly moving through the corridors

Matt Cipher: Matthew encounters Bill Cipher.

Mattman: Matthew runs into a room, further horrified.

Iximaz: And then he encounters his own dead body, guts spilling out of his opened stomach.

Mattman: The still alive Matthew let's lose his midnight snack.

Scapegrace: The hurl becomes an eldritch abomination of a Flareon.

Mattman: Matthew's conflicted emotions of 'Cute' and 'What is This I can't comprehend' causes him to flee the room.

And so on and so forth.

    • Tiny question for the Pumpkin King.Aegis, Tue Oct 18 2:29pm
      Just realized this is a canonical RP, and I therefore don't have permission to participate in it. Could I participate under canonical quarantine, so I don't affect anything critical, pending... more
    • She's up everyone!Mattman The Comet, Sun Oct 16 11:33am
      Right here.
    • Sure, why not.Iximaz, Sun Oct 16 10:39am
      I'm offering up the Aviator and Zeb as sacrifices. I mean, volunteers.
    • Mine are inCat-on-the-Keyboard, Sun Oct 16 12:48am
      T'Kat: Vulcan social-justice activist, now retired. Bitter, but cares despite herself. In a restrained, tempered Vulcan way, of course. Kebrdo: Basically a chair with feathers. Excitable, anxious,... more
    • I'm staying out of this one, thanks.eatpraylove, Sat Oct 15 11:17pm
      Cool idea, though. Let me know if there's a "regular" Halloween party RP and I'll be all over that.
    • Spoooooooky! Larfen J. Stocke, esq, Sat Oct 15 9:51pm
      Maz and Yocherry, post-death cockroach in denial and glib half-fungus respectively, are up for the spooking. I'll be gone on (AEDT timezone) Thursday and Friday, though, so if I don't reply on those... more
    • Ooh, sounds fun. Though...Neshomeh, Sat Oct 15 9:28pm
      I think I'd personally prefer to do it as a prompted story rather than an RP. So, guys, throw your creepy ideas at me, and I'll use some or all of them to torment Agent Derik. I'll make it a goal to... more
      • What, right now?Larfen J. Stocke, esq, Sun Oct 16 3:11am
        Or on the T-Board?
        • Yeah, now!Neshomeh, Sun Oct 16 9:15am
          Otherwise I'll never have time to get anything written. {= ) Of course, if people don't want to indulge my whims, that's fine. I just figured, since the agents in Medical aren't going to run into... more
          • Oh, well, okay, then! Larfen J. Stocke, esq, Mon Oct 17 5:52am
            Derik encounters strange, overly-complex machines and machinery throughout the halls. Everywhere he goes, he can hear a faint whirring and clicking. Spooks probably happen at some point. That work as ... more
          • So, creepy/spooky thing to happen to Derik?Huinesoron, Mon Oct 17 4:02am
            I don't have the creepiest mindset, but I'll do my best. (I'm also assuming that 'creepy and open-ended' is more interesting to write from than 'AND THEN THERE WERE GUTS AND THEN THERE WAS A... more
            • Yep, that'll do. {= )Neshomeh, Mon Oct 17 11:01am
              And just when I thought I was gonna get off the hook, too. ^_^; This is great stuff, though, both of you. I think the well-lit white room is the creepiest of the lot. Thanks! ~Neshomeh
    • Will this be held on the Board? (nm)Karen DuLay, Sat Oct 15 9:25pm
    • It sounds quite interesting.Granz the Ice Cream Monarch, Sat Oct 15 9:08pm
      Assuming we get enough people to really make this fun, I'd be in. So, if we do get this off the ground, consider my two, Agents Apecian and Michael, ready for torment! And feel free to throw a dagger ... more
    • Some clarificationsMattman The Comet, Sat Oct 15 8:45pm
      Those without permission can join, and choose to make this experience canon once they get permission. That being said, everyone can choose to make it canon for individual agents, as all agents... more
    • Of course, It's your choice whether or not we do this. (nm)Mattman The Comet, Sat Oct 15 8:24pm
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