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PPC reading recordings (content of recordings is NSFW)
Sun Oct 16, 2016 7:18pm

Ok, so I've got a series of reading recordings that I figure I should post.

Most of these are at least somewhat NSFW (usually because of the contents of the thing being read). They're also a bit big.

So the one everyone's been waiting for (or not) is the reading (mp3, ~150 MB) of Blood Raining Night (both NSFW and NSFB). (If you don't feel like opening that, try Neshomeh's mission (NSFW) instead?)

For a (partial) cast list:
- Neshomeh was the narrator, a waitress, and the announcer at the singing contest
- Iximaz was Reicheru, God, Kagome, and a racist guy
- Aegis was Inuyasha and Alucard
- Matt Cipher was Sesshomaru, Minna, and Denmark
- Cat-on-the-Keyboard was Korra, but then Scapegrace had to take over
- And Scapegrace was almost certainly anyone I didn't mention above

There's also a few recordings of other things that people have read to chat. These don't have my (occasional) comments because I hadn't figured out how to record both my voice and the chat simultaneously when I made them.

This reading (~ 30 MB) contains SkarmorySilver's reading (I think someone else might have taken a part) of the prelude to "Connecting the Dots", one of his missions (I'm pretty sure it's more or less SFW)

Then, we have a two-for-one reading (~100 MB). It starts with the second half (more-or-less) of Scapegrace's reading of a Gabrielle and Trollenfisch mission (NSFW) (Iximaz played Gabrielle). Then, we have Data (and some other people) reading a MST of "Harry Potter and the Surprise Package (... yeah, also NSF(W/B)).

These are completely unedited, contain bad jokes and snarky comments, and may contain periods of silence for no apparent reason. NOTE: Google doesn't like these, you'll need to download them.

    • Ah Blood Raining nightjebboy, Mon Oct 17 9:33am
      You terrible piece of literature you. I can not listen to it now but I am betting the 'hentai' chapters where hard to get through.
    • *pokes* Scape was Denmark. I was a witch. (nm)Matt Cipher, Mon Oct 17 2:09am
    • Dangit! XDSkarmorySilver, Sun Oct 16 7:31pm
      Now I feel compelled to finish live reading the mission part of "Connecting the Dots", but schedule problems aaaaaa! X'D Anyway, saving all of these for later! And, uh, how interested would you guys... more
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