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Republican office firebombed in North Carolina.
Sun Oct 16, 2016 9:19pm

Read about it here.

To quote my dad quoting Brave upon hearing the news:

Trump then called the perpetrators "animals" because that's... that's just what he does. *sigh* The War-Queen will be holed up in her tent in the center of her army encampment. Approach only if you have ice cream.


((OT: anyone else having their ellipses cut down to two periods when you post?))

    • Goodness GraciousTesla, Tue Oct 18 7:02pm
      I'm glad to hear nobody was hurt.
    • That's awful. VixenMage, Mon Oct 17 1:18pm
      I hope whoever did this is caught and brought to justice - that's unbelievable and utterly unacceptable in a nation that has always almost always at least most of the time given lip service to free... more
    • Trump ALSO said...Scapegrace, Mon Oct 17 9:02am
      In that selfsame tweet, I might add, that it was "Animals representing Hillary Clinton". I'd like to point out that there is a federal investigation into the matter and, while it is ongoing, so far... more
      • Interestingly enough...SeaTurtle, Mon Oct 17 10:53am
        ...while it's not been proven that Wi-Fi causes brain cancer, it is known that some individuals are physically affected by sources of EM radiation— a phenomenon known as 'Electromagnetic... more
        • The end of the WHO article says:Huinesoron, Mon Oct 17 11:10am
          Conclusions "EHS is characterized by a variety of non-specific symptoms that differ from individual to individual. The symptoms are certainly real and can vary widely in their severity. Whatever its... more
      • As for the whole "vaccines and autism" thing...Matt Cipher, Mon Oct 17 10:03am
        I am happy to report that "SafeMinds", the anti-vaccine activists, funded a study to prove their point. With them giving the money, the research was supposed to be free of any sort of manipulation... more
        • Presumably...Huinesoron, Mon Oct 17 10:42am
          ... in accordance with their clear dedication to the weight of scientific evidence, they have now entirely reversed their message and are firmly (if not enthusiastically) stating that no, vaccines... more
          • Not really...Matt Cipher, Mon Oct 17 12:36pm
            Now SafeMinds are quite irritated. They've stated that the media that wrote about their failure "didn't understand their goal". They also claim they will try and look for any sort of error in the... more
    • Oh look, Fun™ across the ocean!Desdendelle, Mon Oct 17 7:02am
      I'm glad nobody was hurt.
    • Ugh. Huinesoron, Mon Oct 17 4:05am
      Proof, if any was needed*, that there are awful people on both sides of any debate. *No proof was needed. I'm glad no-one was hurt. I hope there's no retaliatory violence. hS
    • Well, that's... not acceptable.Seafarer, Mon Oct 17 1:31am
      Hopefully they find and shoot the perpetrators. (...I thought Trump didn't believe in evolution, so why's he calling them "animals"? :-p)
    • *Shakes head*DCCCV, Mon Oct 17 12:29am
      Otherwise, Hello, Alleb.
    • Yikes! Why didn't I hear about this??eatpraylove, Sun Oct 16 9:46pm
      I hate them as much as any Democrat, but that doesn't mean I want their offices firebombed! Glad no one was killed or injured, at least.
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