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A question for the Bleach fans.
Mon Oct 17, 2016 6:11pm

I'm working on a mission involving the Bleach continuum, and I've found a bit character who's a (hilariously underpowered) Bount, which I'm told is an artificial entity who feeds on the souls of humans, kinda like a Dementor. While this Bount is passable as a character, the Stu of the fic killed him quite graphically and left his body behind (Granz says the Bounts don't leave behind bodies). The thing is, a couple of people and I were debating whether to have him somehow assimilate into canon (by depowering him, as Bounts were originally human and seem to be quite rare), or have him recruited and put up for adoption (which means someone will have to try to get him to work as his character, complete with story arc).

I'm honestly not sure how to handle this, and I could definitely use a second opinion. Both options present their own difficulties, though what's obvious is that he needs a trip to Medical first. So, um, which one is it gonna be, then?

    • Never mindSkarmorySilver, Mon Oct 17 7:46pm
      The Discord chat pretty much unanimously voted against recruitment. Forget I asked anything, sorry. :(
    • On the Subject of the BountTesla, Mon Oct 17 6:23pm
      I think it would be fun to have him recruited and put up for adoption. He seems like he'd be a fun character to write, and I'm sure someone from the Bleach fandom will come along and fall completely... more
      • Like I said, though...SkarmorySilver, Mon Oct 17 6:28pm
        I too am pro-recruitment, but several others have asked whether such a move is really necessary. His nature alone would probably present at a few issues. Like I said, he's a soul vampire, and the... more
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