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And a new mission from me as well!
Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:07pm

Starring two angry birds, a crackfic, some very poor life choices, and way too much Suebuprofen.

I know this thing is a lot shorter than what I usually produce, but with the new house rules largely preventing me from any major PPC writing until further notice, I might as well drop it off here while I still can. That and, well... This fic pretty much speaks for itself, really. ^^;

Anyway, enjoy - and welcome back, you stupid tin turkey! XD


    • Nitpicks.Hieronymus Graubart, Sun Dec 4 1:56pm
      At the sound of muffled speech coming from the Skarmory prompted Ripper to release his beak. This looks like you ended the sentence in a way that doesn’t match the "At" you started wirh. The hapless... more
    • Re: And a new mission from me as well!Bram, Wed Nov 30 1:17pm
      Ah the needs of the agency to send people into canons that they don't actually like. Poor birdy should have been shoved into the shower before going to medical.
    • Yeah, it speaks for itself.Hardric, Wed Nov 30 11:35am
      I always found this anime... well, dumb, but that's just barbaric. My sympathy also go for Falchion here. We'll see how it goes for him later.
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