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Somebody Made a Harry Potter MTG Set
Tue Nov 29, 2016 3:39pm

    • Finally had time to look this overPhobos, Wed Nov 30 12:47pm
      So, I am coming at this from two directions: 1) As a HP fan 2) as a semi-professional MTG player. As an HP fan, I think the cards are pretty flavorful. I like most of the color combinations for the... more
      • Totally Agreesjosten , Wed Nov 30 1:54pm
        Except on the Hufflepuff thing, since I think they represent a rare opportunity to show Red as compassionate and helpful instead of the anger we usually get out of them. The rest of it though, we're... more
        • On HufflepuffPhobos, Wed Nov 30 3:59pm
          I can kind of see the "Red = Compassion" thing, but I feel like they more closely align with Green/White which is a combination that speaks of things like "Community" and "Alone we are small;... more
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