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Suggestion of a Badfic
Wed Nov 30, 2016 10:38pm

Hey, I'm new, and I am just a reader of these fics, but I do have a suggestion of a badfic, for Invader Zim.

It's called "Love Knows No Race", and has poorly written slash, incest, a bad Mary Sue villain child, AND has a bonus robot pregnancy.

And everything is so OOC and goopey lovey dovey, it makes me want to vomit.

Like I said, I'm new to the fandom, and I just am a reader. But I really want you to do something about this fic. I'll post a link if it's okay!

    • Even more belated welcome!Badger421, Sat Dec 10 10:51am
      In fact this is the absolute latest one of my welcomes has ever been! Normally if I missed a post by two weeks I would simply move on, but this is a newbie welcome and so I cannot ignore it. So then, ... more
    • Belated welcome!eatpraylove, Sun Dec 4 10:01am
      Here's some popcorn to eat while you read the docs at the top of the homepage, plus your very own mini-Missingno ! Its name is fury swipe, it looks like the Kabutops fossil, and it enjoys practical... more
    • Hi there!palindromordnilap, Fri Dec 2 3:41am
      Welcome aBoard! Wow, I never watched Invader Zim, but that fic sure does sound bad. Anyway, have this Poptop Plushie from Starbound!
    • That badfic name sounds familiar...TheShyIon, Fri Dec 2 12:29am
      *checks* Oh, yep! It's one of the ones Skepkitty MSTed. Though he seems to have moved his blog to Tumblr now. Seeing someone mission it would be pretty cool, since Skepkitty's MSTs were somewhat... more
    • Anyway, welcome to the PPC! Please accept this elegant and finely-crafted starter Pokémon:- Iiiiiiit's Fraxure! And your starting item is:- Godhead(!) from The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth ! Godhead... more
      • Thanks!SamiPiplup, Thu Dec 1 12:38pm
        Yeah, and the robot mother is a personality clone of a canon character, who is somehow at the same time a self insert, as stated by the author. And the robot father is the canon character that mother ... more
    • Well, I'll assume you're on about the PPC fandom? Larfen J. Stocke, esq, Thu Dec 1 5:32am
      Because, in that case, no worries, mate! The only class distinctions we got down here are Cool and Uncool. And the only person who is in Uncool is me. And all the dictators, like Stalin and the... more
    • Newbie! *glomp* *poke* *curses Mattman*Iximaz, Wed Nov 30 10:47pm
      Like Mattman said, a link to the fic in question would be nice. Have a plate of SPaGhetti, stay a while, tell us about yourself! How'd you find your way here?
    • Newbie!!! *Glomp* *Boop*Mattman The Comet, Wed Nov 30 10:42pm
      Welcome aboard! Have a non-corporeal E-Reader. Feel free to link us the fic, do you have any other fandoms?
      • LinkSamiPiplup, Wed Nov 30 10:47pm Here is the link. I'm in the FNAF, Warriors, Undertale, Pokemon, and Petz (I think I'm the only fic writer for this fandom, no joke) fandoms,... more
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