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Some updates regarding the Discord.
Tue Mar 28, 2017 12:53am

Howdy folks. First things first: upon his departure, Desdendelle turned over control of the Discord server to me. You may all bow before my awesome grandeur, etc.

Secondly, the Discord has two new mods! In addition to myself and Cat-on-the-Keyboard, we now have the guiding hands of Maslab and Delta Juliette! You may also bow before their awesome grandeur. Seriously though, many thanks to the both of you for stepping up and helping. It's very much appreciated.

Finally, we recently suffered through a small infestation of rather noxious trolls. Rules were flouted, people were insulted, and so banhammers were swung. As a result, we have decided that only the channel moderators will be able to issue instant invites to the Discord right now. If you're already in the channel right now, then nothing will really change. If you're NOT in the channel and want to get in, then you will need to speak with one of the people I previously mentioned.

Thanks for your time!


    • Can I come in? (nm)Nord Ronnoc, Thu Mar 30 2:48am
      • Sure, have a link!Cat-on-the-Keyboard, Thu Mar 30 11:01am
        Click here! Good for ten uses, lasts for 24 hours. --Key looks forward to seeing you there
    • ...Huinesoron, Tue Mar 28 2:09am
      So you've made a portion of the PPC community closed based on your approval. Good-o! hS
      • Not exclusively his approval.SkarmorySilver, Tue Mar 28 8:36am
        As PC said: "If you're NOT in the channel and want to get in, then you will need to speak with one of the people I previously mentioned. " This means invites can also be handed out by Cat, Maslab, or ... more
        • It was a plural 'you', yep.Huinesoron, Tue Mar 28 9:00am
          I disagree vehemently with the idea that any portion of the PPC community should be members-only. We are an open community. We welcome everyone who doesn't stir up trouble. We don't say 'no, you... more
          • There is a difference, mateMatt McCipher, Tue Mar 28 1:40pm
            I was present during the troll invasion; at first they acted just crazy, cracking lame jokes, so we (or at least I) thought "Oh, just one of those 'lol-so-random' newbies", not unlike a potential... more
          • Two things. VixenMage, Tue Mar 28 1:37pm
            1- Yes to all of that. The Discord should be wide open, for all the reasons you've stated. 2- Judging by the message I got from Discord itself, the trolls were posting links to child pornography. I'm ... more
            • Hm. I have an apology to make.Huinesoron, Tue Mar 28 3:22pm
              I missed the words "right now" in PC's post. So yes, I read this as a permanent measure. I'm sorry for not reading more carefully. I stand by all my arguments, but they didn't need to be made, and... more
          • PPS:Huinesoron, Tue Mar 28 9:04am
            I thought this was a horrifying idea when Cat-on-the-Keyboard proposed it last week . I thought I'd addressed it somewhere in the thread, but I see I didn't. Desdendelle did, though, and... more
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