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It was a plural 'you', yep.
Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:00am

I disagree vehemently with the idea that any portion of the PPC community should be members-only. We are an open community. We welcome everyone who doesn't stir up trouble. We don't say 'no, you haven't been round long enough for us to trust you with the keys to the secret clubhouse'.

I also just straight up don't feel comfortable with it. The Discord can be used to attack people behind their backs - we've literally just seen that. Now tell me how people who aren't able to access it should feel about that. How many times have I been discussed on the channel? I'unno - and now I'm reliant on the goodwill of four people if for any reason I want to check. It makes me extremely uncomfortable.

I'm also bitterly disappointed that my argument against the Discord making unilateral decisions has been not so much rejected (I could handle that!) as flat-out ignored. How many people were involved in this decision to wall off half of the PPC community? I know, I'll just go and check the chat logs to find out what was discussed.

Oh wait. I can't.


PS: And yes, before you say it, I'm fully aware that any of the four would throw me an invite in an instant. This isn't about me. But how about someone shiny and new, who's only posted on the Board once, and maybe doesn't pay attention to their spelling? Would they get the same no-questions-asked invite? What if they haven't posted here at all?

  • Not exclusively his approval.SkarmorySilver, Tue Mar 28 8:36am
    As PC said: "If you're NOT in the channel and want to get in, then you will need to speak with one of the people I previously mentioned. " This means invites can also be handed out by Cat, Maslab, or ... more
    • It was a plural 'you', yep. — Huinesoron, Tue Mar 28 9:00am
      • There is a difference, mateMatt McCipher, Tue Mar 28 1:40pm
        I was present during the troll invasion; at first they acted just crazy, cracking lame jokes, so we (or at least I) thought "Oh, just one of those 'lol-so-random' newbies", not unlike a potential... more
      • Two things. VixenMage, Tue Mar 28 1:37pm
        1- Yes to all of that. The Discord should be wide open, for all the reasons you've stated. 2- Judging by the message I got from Discord itself, the trolls were posting links to child pornography. I'm ... more
        • Hm. I have an apology to make.Huinesoron, Tue Mar 28 3:22pm
          I missed the words "right now" in PC's post. So yes, I read this as a permanent measure. I'm sorry for not reading more carefully. I stand by all my arguments, but they didn't need to be made, and... more
      • PPS:Huinesoron, Tue Mar 28 9:04am
        I thought this was a horrifying idea when Cat-on-the-Keyboard proposed it last week . I thought I'd addressed it somewhere in the thread, but I see I didn't. Desdendelle did, though, and... more
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