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Matt McCipher
There is a difference, mate
Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:40pm

I was present during the troll invasion; at first they acted just crazy, cracking lame jokes, so we (or at least I) thought "Oh, just one of those 'lol-so-random' newbies", not unlike a potential "shiny and new" who may just be like that. So we stayed put. But when they started to spam, and engage one another into a discussion very quickly descending into too creepy with a side of nope, we waited for the mods to finish them off.

To answer your final questions, even if a newbie posted once, I don't think they should be in any way excluded from joining Discord. Sure, they may not pay overly attention to their spelling, but that's not the sole mark of the troll. Neither was that one the role reason they were deemed trolls.

"What if they haven't posted here [I assume you mean the Board] at all?" Then how we would know there's a newbie? Lurkers eventually decide to reveal themselves, and as far as I know that's when they become newbies, so this argument is kinda invalid (even when they were starting at Discord, they were poked towards the Board very quickly).

That being said, I am in no way convinced that locking up Discord is a good idea, but I can see where the mods stand at with their decision. If it was up to me, however, I would still let the invitation be open to public.

  • It was a plural 'you', yep.Huinesoron, Tue Mar 28 9:00am
    I disagree vehemently with the idea that any portion of the PPC community should be members-only. We are an open community. We welcome everyone who doesn't stir up trouble. We don't say 'no, you... more
    • There is a difference, mate — Matt McCipher, Tue Mar 28 1:40pm
    • Two things. VixenMage, Tue Mar 28 1:37pm
      1- Yes to all of that. The Discord should be wide open, for all the reasons you've stated. 2- Judging by the message I got from Discord itself, the trolls were posting links to child pornography. I'm ... more
      • Hm. I have an apology to make.Huinesoron, Tue Mar 28 3:22pm
        I missed the words "right now" in PC's post. So yes, I read this as a permanent measure. I'm sorry for not reading more carefully. I stand by all my arguments, but they didn't need to be made, and... more
    • PPS:Huinesoron, Tue Mar 28 9:04am
      I thought this was a horrifying idea when Cat-on-the-Keyboard proposed it last week . I thought I'd addressed it somewhere in the thread, but I see I didn't. Desdendelle did, though, and... more
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