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Ooh, Northern Lights!
Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:13am

Theoretically we live far enough north that they'll occasionally reach us, but pfft yeah right not in a million years.


  • I'm bad at wanting things.Neshomeh, Wed Mar 29 9:52am
    I don't really have specific dreams like that. Partly because I sort of passively want it all. ^_^; So I'm gonna cheat. Behold, CNN's Seven Natural Wonders of the World . If I had to pick just one... ... more
    • You should totaly visit!World-Jumper, Wed Mar 29 1:49pm
      Alaska is a beautiful state. Some days I look out by back yard, gaze up at the mountains towering above, and I think about just how lucky I am to live here. Though, if it's the Northern Lights are... more
    • Ooh, Northern Lights! — Huinesoron, Wed Mar 29 10:13am
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