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Jay - Awesomeness Central
I present (drum-roll please), my Permission Request
Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:08am

So, let's get down to it right away. Here are the agents:

And here are the writing prompts:


Of course, a trillion thanks to my betas: Granz and Silenthunder.

The fanfiction that I think would make a good first mission can be found here:
It's a Sue-fic about a second daughter of Elrond, and a Legomance to boot. Thranduil is stepping down from the throne for some reason (he acts very creepy to the Sue, which she takes as a compliment), Legolas is crowned king, and Gimli is passive aggressively bashed. While this Sue is by far not the worst one I've seen, she's definitely bad enough to be assassinated.

    • *dusts off his PG hat*Phobos, Wed Mar 29 2:02pm
      Every time I think I'm out... Anyway, let's take a look at what we have here. 1) Are you known in the community? Yeah, I know your name, at least, and I'm barely considered to be here. 2) Can you... more
      • A few thingsJay - Awesomeness Central, Wed Mar 29 2:26pm
        First off, the card I was basing Jace's character off is "Jace Beleren." Since that card didn't have a specific time period attached to it (other than after Alhammaret), I decided to make it right... more
        • Re: A few thingsPhobos, Wed Mar 29 2:41pm
          1) Jace was a teenager when he fought Alhammaret. He is mid-20's when he first shows up on Lorwyn (where that card came from). There were years between those two points. Also, it looks like he is... more
    • Hat is off.Huinesoron, Wed Mar 29 11:29am
      Something is bugging me about the writing samples, and I can't really pin down what. I think it might be a combination of little things, but I can't quite tease it out. Some of the dialogue feels... more
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