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Jay - Awesomeness Central
A few things
Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:26pm

First off, the card I was basing Jace's character off is "Jace Beleren." Since that card didn't have a specific time period attached to it (other than after Alhammaret), I decided to make it right after the fight with Alhammmaret. Also, look the card up on google images; you'll see that there is grass on a version of that card.

Additionally, about Krynn magic being addictive; there are a few parts in the books (particularly Legends and War of Souls) where mages say the magic is their love and their life. For example: in War of Souls, the lack of magic basically turned Palin Majere into an addict scrambling for his next fix (i.e. magical artifacts from the Fourth Age that were still imbued with old magic).

  • *dusts off his PG hat*Phobos, Wed Mar 29 2:02pm
    Every time I think I'm out... Anyway, let's take a look at what we have here. 1) Are you known in the community? Yeah, I know your name, at least, and I'm barely considered to be here. 2) Can you... more
    • A few things — Jay - Awesomeness Central, Wed Mar 29 2:26pm
      • Re: A few thingsPhobos, Wed Mar 29 2:41pm
        1) Jace was a teenager when he fought Alhammaret. He is mid-20's when he first shows up on Lorwyn (where that card came from). There were years between those two points. Also, it looks like he is... more
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