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Matt Cipher
Warning: Generic Answer incoming!
Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:11pm

Since I'm a Basic Bob, my first answer would be London or Rome (two places I *really* want to spend some more time in!), with Athens and Louisiana being the next two...

But if we're talking one specific landmark we have on our bucket list, for me it has to be the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.

  • OT: Where's the one place you really want to go?Huinesoron, Wed Mar 29 4:28am
    Real place, I mean - heaven knows if we allow fictional places everyone will have a list as long as their arm. :D As well it should be! But this is about places that are physically accessible on... more
    • Can I pick two? I'm picking two.Badger421, Sun Apr 2 12:53am
      Can I pick two? I'm picking two. My first choice would Nome, Alaska. I've wanted to visit the state, and a childhood obsession with Balto left a special place in my heart for Nome. The real reason I... more
    • Re: OT: Where's the one place you really want to go?eatpraylove, Fri Mar 31 3:43pm
      Well, obviously, the first place on my list of dream destinations is Japan. The week I spent in Tokyo last year was one of the best weeks of my life, and I want to go there again. (Check the "spring... more
    • Orkney! Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Fri Mar 31 6:09am
      I remember, I once had to do an assessment for my Ancient History class, where we had to choose any sort of site, and do a powerpoint on it. I chose Skara Brae, in Orkney: And I've wanted to go to... more
    • JUST ONE?!Aegis, Wed Mar 29 11:02pm
      Actually, there area about a billion places I'd love to go in the real world, given the chance. I suppose the top of the list would be Angkor Wat in Cambodia. (Side note: If I weren't an overly... more
      • There can be only one!Huinesoron, Thu Mar 30 10:47am
        Ahem. I remember reading or watching something about Angkor Wat that was really fascinating at the time... but I've completely forgotten what. Something about water management, maybe? It's certainly... more
        • Oh! I've seen similar, if not the same. . .Aegis, Thu Mar 30 12:28pm
          Aaand remember about as much as you do. :( From what I recall, the one I saw was specifically about the fall of Angkor Wat, which came about because of a combination of overconfidence and complexity... more
    • Oh, gosh.Iximaz, Wed Mar 29 8:28pm
      There are so many places I'd love to go, most of them in the UK. I guess, if I had to pick one... Stirling Castle, in Scotland. Robert the Bruce is my many, many times great-uncle and he once laid... more
      • Hogwarts... isn't out of the question?Scapegrace, Thu Mar 30 4:46am
        At least, the set isn't - it's Gloucester cathedral. They do open days. Hell, they do weddings - which I may have mentioned to you before, thinking about it. Something for the lottery win, maybe. =]
        • But does it have magic there?Iximaz, Thu Mar 30 10:29am
          No? *yawn* (I kid, I would like to see it, too—but if I listed all the castles I wanted to visit, I'd basically just link a list of "castles in the UK". Family history or fandom history? It's a tough ... more
          • Technically yes!Huinesoron, Thu Mar 30 10:34am
            The 46 miserichords in Gloucester Cathedral include mythological themes - I spotted a mermaid and a dragon, both of which I believe count as magic in Harry Potter . hS
          • Well, there might be ecclesiastical magic...Scapegrace, Thu Mar 30 10:31am
            Details of the miracles performed by saints and suchlike, I mean.
            • Doesn't look like it.Huinesoron, Thu Mar 30 10:38am
              Their big-name tomb is Edward II, so no interesting relics or anything. But! They apparently have the earliest image of golf in one of their stained-glass windows. So there's that. hS
    • Warning: Generic Answer incoming! — Matt Cipher, Wed Mar 29 6:11pm
      • Oh, but if you do...Huinesoron, Thu Mar 30 4:43am
        ... you have to visit the far end of the Causeway, too, over in Scotland . hS
      • Ooh, Giant's Causeway is super cool.Neshomeh, Wed Mar 29 7:57pm
        I might have mentioned that one for myself, but I was lucky enough to be able to visit during my honeymoon. If you go, I hope you're lucky enough to have a tour guide or someone who tells you the... more
    • I'm bad at wanting things.Neshomeh, Wed Mar 29 9:52am
      I don't really have specific dreams like that. Partly because I sort of passively want it all. ^_^; So I'm gonna cheat. Behold, CNN's Seven Natural Wonders of the World . If I had to pick just one... ... more
      • You should totaly visit!World-Jumper, Wed Mar 29 1:49pm
        Alaska is a beautiful state. Some days I look out by back yard, gaze up at the mountains towering above, and I think about just how lucky I am to live here. Though, if it's the Northern Lights are... more
      • Ooh, Northern Lights!Huinesoron, Wed Mar 29 10:13am
        Theoretically we live far enough north that they'll occasionally reach us, but pfft yeah right not in a million years. hS
    • Edo. No, not Japan, the other one.Scapegrace, Wed Mar 29 5:26am
      These day's it's known as Benin City, but Edo was once the capital of the Empire of Benin (most of which is now in modern-day Nigeria, none of which is in modern-day Benin). A prosperous, mighty, and ... more
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