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Ooh, Giant's Causeway is super cool.
Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:57pm

I might have mentioned that one for myself, but I was lucky enough to be able to visit during my honeymoon. If you go, I hope you're lucky enough to have a tour guide or someone who tells you the story of Finn MacCool while you're there. ^_^


  • Warning: Generic Answer incoming!Matt Cipher, Wed Mar 29 6:11pm
    Since I'm a Basic Bob, my first answer would be London or Rome (two places I *really* want to spend some more time in!), with Athens and Louisiana being the next two... But if we're talking one... more
    • Oh, but if you do...Huinesoron, Thu Mar 30 4:43am
      ... you have to visit the far end of the Causeway, too, over in Scotland . hS
    • Ooh, Giant's Causeway is super cool. — Neshomeh, Wed Mar 29 7:57pm
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