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There can be only one!
Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:47am


I remember reading or watching something about Angkor Wat that was really fascinating at the time... but I've completely forgotten what. Something about water management, maybe? It's certainly gorgeous.

I always appreciate details; people talking more is one of my long-term goals. :)


  • JUST ONE?!Aegis, Wed Mar 29 11:02pm
    Actually, there area about a billion places I'd love to go in the real world, given the chance. I suppose the top of the list would be Angkor Wat in Cambodia. (Side note: If I weren't an overly... more
    • There can be only one! — Huinesoron, Thu Mar 30 10:47am
      • Oh! I've seen similar, if not the same. . .Aegis, Thu Mar 30 12:28pm
        Aaand remember about as much as you do. :( From what I recall, the one I saw was specifically about the fall of Angkor Wat, which came about because of a combination of overconfidence and complexity... more
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