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GF's invulnerable, though.
Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:26am

Mesa... isn't. Like, she really, really isn't. Forget gales, an overzealous fart could knock her over, poor thing. She's got some stats, yeah, but they're largely in Awareness and Agility, which aren't brilliant for combat except in the sense that she can dodge real good and her power requires a check against Insight to do anything. And her power's damage base when attacking anything is six.

  • Hey, it could be worse...Iximaz, Thu Mar 30 11:21am
    Mine cost a whopping 103 points to gain the level of invulnerability that I wanted. Practically zero skill points in anything other than punching people harder. =]
    • GF's invulnerable, though. — Scapegrace, Thu Mar 30 11:26am
      • Sounds like a Star Wars RPG character I have.Phobos, Thu Mar 30 5:12pm
        He's a sniper, so he is incredibly squishy, but he is also the hardest hitter on the team. This is why I gave him the ability to let his meatshields teammates move on his turn (really useful when he... more
        • Another difference being...Scapegrace, Fri Mar 31 5:36am
          That your character (I assume) was capable of a shedload of damage. Not so Mesa. She's just got a really weird and inefficient power, but I think it's more fun that way. =]
      • And that is why I took Interpose.Iximaz, Thu Mar 30 1:23pm
        I'll be able to take a hit for an ally once per round, so I'll protect you. :)
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