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Oh! I've seen similar, if not the same. . .
Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:28pm

Aaand remember about as much as you do. :(

From what I recall, the one I saw was specifically about the fall of Angkor Wat, which came about because of a combination of overconfidence and complexity addiction in the development of their water management system.

(Historical tangent below:)

According to the Elgoog the Great and Powerful, the Khmers built a series of reservoirs to prepare for the natural dry season, and connected them to the entire region. They relied on storing and the natural water they usually got in the rainy season with reservoirs to prepare for the dry season. They actually overdid it, changing the water content of soil of the whole region, but most scholars say that wasn't the cause of what followed.

What followed, it seems, was one of the biggest droughts Cambodia as a whole has ever seen to this day.

Given that they'd built their city to prep for a rainy season that never came, the empire eventually had to relocate their nobles, and bureaucratic difficulties ensued.

(Huh. Who'd've thought I'd seen the same documentaries as the Kurgan. Small world, this. :P)

  • There can be only one!Huinesoron, Thu Mar 30 10:47am
    Ahem. I remember reading or watching something about Angkor Wat that was really fascinating at the time... but I've completely forgotten what. Something about water management, maybe? It's certainly... more
    • Oh! I've seen similar, if not the same. . . — Aegis, Thu Mar 30 12:28pm
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