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Mattman The Comet
So... We made a Thunderbird 3? (nm)
Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:33am

  • It's been a weird week for science.Huinesoron, Fri Mar 31 4:37am
    Here's the stuff I've noticed: Littlefoot isn't a dinosaur any more At least, not according to a new paper printed in Nature ( TetZoo article, because 'Nature' is paywalled ), which claims to make... more
    • Neurology's not generally my thing, but --Kaitlyn, Fri Mar 31 12:25pm
      Restoration of reaching and grasping movements through brain-controlled muscle stimulation in a person with tetraplegia: a proof-of-concept demonstration They rewired this dude's arm to his brain.... more
    • So... We made a Thunderbird 3? (nm) — Mattman The Comet, Fri Mar 31 8:33am
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