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Sergio Turbo
And of course mine will be in.
Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:30am

Except... not my main ones, this time. I want to introduce...

Team Misplaced Teenagers!

Keiko Turbo, Department of ERROR AGENT NOT IN DATABASE

*looks at her Remote Activator* OK, I'm starting to think that this think really is broken. I've just managed to portal myself into past HQ again, didn't I? And this time I've even managed to drag Shiro and Saki with me. I really hope Dad and Mom don't watch Nutmeg TV...

Shiro Turbo, Department of ERROR AGENT NOT IN DATABASE

So, Keiko messed up with the RA so bad that now we're in the past and everyone is mistaking me for my alternate self. And we somehow got enrolled in a computer simulated deathmatch.
*glances at Saki* She's gonna get killed again, isn't she?

Saki Cherryflower, Department of ERROR AGENT NOT IN DATABASE

Ok, aside from the fact that people keeps mistaking me for either Sakura or Nikki, this trip to the past has been great so far! And of course we're entering the Games, this is gonna be fun! Saki's ready and aiming for the top!

Ami Tanegashima, Department of ERROR AGENT NOT IN DATABASE

... I have no idea why I'm here. Actually, I'm not even sure what I am right now since I'm... well... supposed to be dead?... half ghost and half computer simulation, you say? I'm blaming Corolla for it.

(Ok, submitting Ami is actually sort of cheating as she isn't quite an Agent, but she's a character of mine, featured in a mission, and has been a coworker of one of my main agents so...)

  • Any signups for players, then?Huinesoron, Fri Mar 31 3:54am
    While we wait for someone to volunteer to host this it's going to be me again isn't it? , this might be a good time to start the signups for Tributes. I think my rules from last time were fairly... more
    • Spaces still available!Huinesoron, Sun Apr 2 12:44pm
      If you haven't got anyone of your own to volunteer (or if you already have), feel free to suggest some of our NPCs. (For the record, we currently have 53 Tributes. We need at least 60 to play. I've... more
      • Well, if spaces are still open...Hardric, Sun Apr 2 2:35pm
        Marina isn't coming close to the staff of these games any time soon, except if that's for signyfing them their displeasure, and I guess they're not dumb enough to give her a way to track them. Buut,... more
      • I have some ideas!Mattman The Comet, Sun Apr 2 1:12pm
        In addition to the somewhat obvious Lux, I would like to see Agents Sean, Makes-Things, and Techno-Dann as tributes.
        • Go for it!Delta Juliette, Sun Apr 2 2:46pm
          Agent Dann (he really is Dann, btw, no Techno-) is pretty much given to the community at this point. He's... really not me any more, and I doubt I'll ever return to writing him as a protagonist.
        • Well, Dann isn't an NPC...Huinesoron, Sun Apr 2 2:33pm
          ... but Makes-Things and the Witness (good grief) can definitely go in. I don't know about Sean. So far as I know, the only person to even mention him since TOS ended is me, and that was... more
        • Ooh, and also The Sunflower's Witness (nm)Mattman The Comet, Sun Apr 2 1:13pm
    • Ah, what the heck. Count me in!Badger421, Sun Apr 2 1:12am
      After all, better to try, fail, and get better than never do anything, no? Assuming I'm not too late, I volunteer agents Larkus and Curff. Larkus Hey, why not? I haven't had a good brawl since I left ... more
      • When is Larkus from?Novastorme, Sun Apr 2 7:33am
        Because we really should get him and Theo into Rudi's together at some point.
        • Larkus is from the Clone Wars.Badger421, Mon Apr 3 9:46pm
          Fell into HQ just a few weeks (or maybe months, still working on the exact timeline) after the war ended, in fact. I take it from the reference to the Great Hunt that Theo is from the Great War or... more
    • Y'know what? Why not!HerrWozzeck, Sat Apr 1 9:36am
      I volunteer Florestan, Eusabius, Anneli, and Cindy for the PPC Hunger Games! It's been a while since I've written anything for them, you know!
    • We volunteer as tributes!The Triumvirate, Fri Mar 31 6:01pm
      That is, C and Lu do. Well, okay, Steele drugged them and forced them into it. She has since completely revised her appearance. (For once, she does not look completely unusual. She disapproves of... more
      • Okay. I know the thing now.The Triumvirate, Fri Mar 31 7:00pm
        Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain I did what. Please tell me that Steele at least had the decency to volunteer herself as well. I need to kill her and it would probably be better if her death were impermanent.... more
    • I'm in!Phobos, Fri Mar 31 3:51pm
      Or rather, Kur'nak, Barid, Decima and Voltarmi are in. Voltarmi is in Gnome form, of course, and promises not to transform back to Dragon for the duration. Interviews to come. -Phobos
      • Oh c'mon!Huinesoron, Fri Mar 31 4:07pm
        You're going to deny me a Kyaris-Suta-Voltarmi hydra-tyrannosaur-dragon fight? You have no soul . hS
    • Try and stop me!Aegis, Fri Mar 31 3:01pm
      I'll be making a more detailed entry post in a bit, but Dee and Jack are totally in with the ego to try it themselves
    • Oh, this is gonna be fun.Mikelus, Fri Mar 31 1:53pm
      I'm gonna toss one of my eventual agents into the mix. Evelyn Portia Juliana. She's a sister of battle, but without her armor or bolter, the she's only human. "As long as I can get my hands on some... more
    • And here are mine!SkarmorySilver, Fri Mar 31 12:26pm
      (I'm volunteering only three tributes this time around, instead of the four from last time. I'm doing things with my Floaters team that would be spoiled if any of them participated.) Evangeline von... more
      • Aw heck, make it four!SkarmorySilver, Fri Mar 31 12:36pm
        Suta: "...Do I get to eat my enemies, at least? That'll be fun!" (Because I figured a. a non-Action department member would be neat, b. Suta needed the screentime, and c. A FREAKING TYRANNOSAURUS REX ... more
        • I'm not allowed...Huinesoron, Fri Mar 31 1:25pm
          ... to cook the books to get a Suta-Kyaris faceoff, am I? hS
    • "Wait, what do you mean, I'm signing up?"Iximaz, Fri Mar 31 11:31am
      The Aviator: "I have a daughter to look after, I can't take god knows how many days off to run around a holodeck and die again! No, no, no, no, no!" Zeb: "Well... I guess it'll just be me this year,... more
      • Up to four, I think.Huinesoron, Fri Mar 31 11:34am
        I assume this means Zeb isn't dragging Ave into the arena by force? ;) Also, are you suggesting Lux (and Jacques? I don't remember if that's an NPC or not) for inclusion? hS
        • Cool.Iximaz, Fri Mar 31 11:57am
          Ave's staying out of this one, but she'll be cheering Zeb on from the sidelines. The last few years she was kinda pressured into playing, but she's got a kid to look after now... Jacques (Jack... more
    • Mwahaha.Neshomeh, Fri Mar 31 10:57am
      I think I'll give my regular cast a break this time, but for lulz, I'll throw in Shimon and Caprice, who are respectively a male Nosgothic vampire of the Razielim clan and a female 20-something human ... more
      • Pre-Games interviews.Neshomeh, Sat Apr 1 11:12am
        Caprice Look out, PPC! I am here to kick butt and chew bubblegum, and I'm all outta bubblegum! Shimon I was told this is some sort of trial for determining rank among warriors. Naturally, with only... more
      • I remember them!Huinesoron, Fri Mar 31 11:13am
        Ah, back in the old days of... four months ago... XD hS
    • And of course mine will be in. — Sergio Turbo, Fri Mar 31 10:30am
    • We got Tributes!Mattman The Comet, Fri Mar 31 9:20am
      Agent Matthew Welch, DMS BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD THRONE! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL GOD! ...That was correct way of saying that, right? Agent Ellie Davis, DoSAT-T&A Ooh are doing this? Great! Let me get some... more
    • All four of my agents are in this time.Novastorme, Fri Mar 31 9:15am
      Apollo: "Again? Yeah, this was fun last year. Want to try and last longer obviously, but Kelly, Theo, Kaatah and I are holding our own small competition to see who can kill the most as well. I'd die... more
    • Alleb, Jesse, and Errant!Alleb, Fri Mar 31 8:54am
      Alleb Finally, some solid training! Even with the wonders of Medical at our beck and call, most agents hesitate to throw themselves into a match. I have seen only one so far--oh, is Sir Yocherry... more
    • Popping my agents in!Larfen J. Stocke, esq. , Fri Mar 31 5:43am
      Yocherry The glory of the battle, boss! The rush! The blood! The sweat! Getten beaten half-conscious with the bloodied handle of a laser rifle that's had all it's charges emptied into your own... more
      • Are Lou and Duane one person or two? (nm)Huinesoron, Fri Mar 31 5:46am
        • It's arguable, Larfen J. Stocke, esq. , Fri Mar 31 6:16am
          but I'd say it'd be best to count them as one. Lou is a woman and Duane is a rock she carries which she is very certain is sapient. They're in the most recent RP on the T-Board , if you need... more
    • If you'll have them, my agents are up.Granz the Ice Cream Monarch, Fri Mar 31 4:29am
      Apecian Why? The second I heard, it sounded like a blast! Well, okay, after I looked up what the Hunger Games are. But, anyways, it's a chance to go up against other Agents and really cut loose and... more
      • Aw, heck, we have a dragon, I'm doing this.Granz the Ice Cream Monarch, Fri Mar 31 6:22pm
        Apecian Huh? A message? Alright, let me see it... WHOO! I GET 'EM BACK! Awesome! I am gonna crush it in there! ((Hey, I figured if we have a dragon running around, I'll give him his powers back. I... more
        • Well, not the multiple-lives thing.Huinesoron, Sat Apr 1 5:14am
          Or... I guess if he has a close scrape you can interview-cast it as him taking an extra life or... whatever it is he does? But if the game says he dies, he dies. hS
    • I'll send my own agents into the fray.Huinesoron, Fri Mar 31 4:04am
      Dafydd Illian Funny story - I was talking to Undis Closed the other day about the second series of Ardolindi , and he just happened to mention that a new season of the Hunger Games was in the works.... more
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