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Re: OT: Where's the one place you really want to go?
Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:43pm

Well, obviously, the first place on my list of dream destinations is Japan. The week I spent in Tokyo last year was one of the best weeks of my life, and I want to go there again. (Check the "spring break trip" tag on my Tumblr if you wanna see pictures.) I also told my dad I'd take him with me next time I got to go; my mom came on the first trip, so it's only fair.

I'd also like to see a handful of places in the Middle East, but sadly those will have to wait until I know I'll be safe as an American in those places.

France would be awesome. I know all the cool stuff and most of the population is in Paris, but honestly I'd be happy if I got to visit any part of the country. Now if only I spoke French...

  • OT: Where's the one place you really want to go?Huinesoron, Wed Mar 29 4:28am
    Real place, I mean - heaven knows if we allow fictional places everyone will have a list as long as their arm. :D As well it should be! But this is about places that are physically accessible on... more
    • Can I pick two? I'm picking two.Badger421, Sun Apr 2 12:53am
      Can I pick two? I'm picking two. My first choice would Nome, Alaska. I've wanted to visit the state, and a childhood obsession with Balto left a special place in my heart for Nome. The real reason I... more
    • Re: OT: Where's the one place you really want to go? — eatpraylove, Fri Mar 31 3:43pm
    • Orkney! Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Fri Mar 31 6:09am
      I remember, I once had to do an assessment for my Ancient History class, where we had to choose any sort of site, and do a powerpoint on it. I chose Skara Brae, in Orkney: And I've wanted to go to... more
    • JUST ONE?!Aegis, Wed Mar 29 11:02pm
      Actually, there area about a billion places I'd love to go in the real world, given the chance. I suppose the top of the list would be Angkor Wat in Cambodia. (Side note: If I weren't an overly... more
      • There can be only one!Huinesoron, Thu Mar 30 10:47am
        Ahem. I remember reading or watching something about Angkor Wat that was really fascinating at the time... but I've completely forgotten what. Something about water management, maybe? It's certainly... more
        • Oh! I've seen similar, if not the same. . .Aegis, Thu Mar 30 12:28pm
          Aaand remember about as much as you do. :( From what I recall, the one I saw was specifically about the fall of Angkor Wat, which came about because of a combination of overconfidence and complexity... more
    • Oh, gosh.Iximaz, Wed Mar 29 8:28pm
      There are so many places I'd love to go, most of them in the UK. I guess, if I had to pick one... Stirling Castle, in Scotland. Robert the Bruce is my many, many times great-uncle and he once laid... more
      • Hogwarts... isn't out of the question?Scapegrace, Thu Mar 30 4:46am
        At least, the set isn't - it's Gloucester cathedral. They do open days. Hell, they do weddings - which I may have mentioned to you before, thinking about it. Something for the lottery win, maybe. =]
        • But does it have magic there?Iximaz, Thu Mar 30 10:29am
          No? *yawn* (I kid, I would like to see it, too—but if I listed all the castles I wanted to visit, I'd basically just link a list of "castles in the UK". Family history or fandom history? It's a tough ... more
          • Technically yes!Huinesoron, Thu Mar 30 10:34am
            The 46 miserichords in Gloucester Cathedral include mythological themes - I spotted a mermaid and a dragon, both of which I believe count as magic in Harry Potter . hS
          • Well, there might be ecclesiastical magic...Scapegrace, Thu Mar 30 10:31am
            Details of the miracles performed by saints and suchlike, I mean.
            • Doesn't look like it.Huinesoron, Thu Mar 30 10:38am
              Their big-name tomb is Edward II, so no interesting relics or anything. But! They apparently have the earliest image of golf in one of their stained-glass windows. So there's that. hS
    • Warning: Generic Answer incoming!Matt Cipher, Wed Mar 29 6:11pm
      Since I'm a Basic Bob, my first answer would be London or Rome (two places I *really* want to spend some more time in!), with Athens and Louisiana being the next two... But if we're talking one... more
      • Oh, but if you do...Huinesoron, Thu Mar 30 4:43am
        ... you have to visit the far end of the Causeway, too, over in Scotland . hS
      • Ooh, Giant's Causeway is super cool.Neshomeh, Wed Mar 29 7:57pm
        I might have mentioned that one for myself, but I was lucky enough to be able to visit during my honeymoon. If you go, I hope you're lucky enough to have a tour guide or someone who tells you the... more
    • I'm bad at wanting things.Neshomeh, Wed Mar 29 9:52am
      I don't really have specific dreams like that. Partly because I sort of passively want it all. ^_^; So I'm gonna cheat. Behold, CNN's Seven Natural Wonders of the World . If I had to pick just one... ... more
      • You should totaly visit!World-Jumper, Wed Mar 29 1:49pm
        Alaska is a beautiful state. Some days I look out by back yard, gaze up at the mountains towering above, and I think about just how lucky I am to live here. Though, if it's the Northern Lights are... more
      • Ooh, Northern Lights!Huinesoron, Wed Mar 29 10:13am
        Theoretically we live far enough north that they'll occasionally reach us, but pfft yeah right not in a million years. hS
    • Edo. No, not Japan, the other one.Scapegrace, Wed Mar 29 5:26am
      These day's it's known as Benin City, but Edo was once the capital of the Empire of Benin (most of which is now in modern-day Nigeria, none of which is in modern-day Benin). A prosperous, mighty, and ... more
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