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My other three tributes are as follows:
Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:36pm

Wobbles The Clown: It's weird. I'm going in this year because I want to make sure the Notary's okay, while last time I went in to watch her get hurt in hilarious and ironic ways. People change, I guess. Uh, heh, I mean, wowzers, gangeroos! Who's up for more capital-EFF-YOU-ENN FUUUUUUUUUUN! YAAAAAAY!

Gabrielle The Flareon: Dok said I shouldn't go in because he went in and a big human woman started, uh, well, I didn't exactly understand what he said because he started singing in a language I think he thinks is German, but he also said that he got beaten up and stabbed in the face a buncha times by someone who went psycho, and that it was too dangerous for me. And then I told him that I was in WhatThe. And then we watched the Percy Jackson movie on the big screen and that's why I want to hurt people now!

Albert Sproggins The NPC And Former Chicken Soup Machine Repairman: Hunger what?

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