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The Triumvirate
Okay. I know the thing now.
Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:00pm

Lu'ci'ten Gyrvain
I did what.
Please tell me that Steele at least had the decency to volunteer herself as well. I need to kill her and it would probably be better if her death were impermanent.

Calliope Istorķa
Oh, this is going to be fun. I solemnly swear to not hold other Agents for resources - making me a whole lot kinder than most Abyss dwellers, let me tell you. No promises about power usage, though; I didn't mean to come here, and while the convincing process was certainly - enlightening - I don't feel like dying anytime soon.

  • We volunteer as tributes!The Triumvirate, Fri Mar 31 6:01pm
    That is, C and Lu do. Well, okay, Steele drugged them and forced them into it. She has since completely revised her appearance. (For once, she does not look completely unusual. She disapproves of... more
    • Okay. I know the thing now. — The Triumvirate, Fri Mar 31 7:00pm
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