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Superior Firepower
Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:41pm

So, I'm working on an idea for a support character for the PPC to use in my stories for when I get permission, and I have a few questions for you guys, gals and general PPCers:

1. Who actually runs the Armoury these days? The wiki says Zim, but I haven't found any mention of either him nor the Armoury in a very long time.

2. Is the idea of a sentient, English-speaking Australopithecus too wacky for the PPC, or would I be allowed to do it?

3. Does the Armoury keep power armour in its inventory?

    • Outgunned, outmanned, outnumbered...Neshomeh, Sat Apr 1 12:49am
      ... but not outplanned. Thinking circles around the enemy is what the PPC does best, not blowing them away with BFGs. Just something to keep in mind. {= ) To actually answer your questions: 1. It's... more
      • You called?Delta Juliette, Sun Apr 2 2:45pm
        Aye, Zim was my creation - you are welcome to write him as you see fit, he got basically zero characterization in my work. He's strong enough to move the heavy ordinance around, stable and mature... more
      • Re: Outgunned, outmanned, outnumbered...Anonymous, Sat Apr 1 3:33am
        Cool. Thanks, I just needed to know who she reports to. The BFG's are just there "in case of emergency", much like the tanks, artillery shells and clown masks. They'd be gathering dust if Lucy wasn't ... more
    • Regarding the questionsMaxewell, Fri Mar 31 7:52pm
      1. I'm not entirely sure. 2. I'm fairly sure that nothing is too wacky for the PPC, go for it. :) 3. Is this a Fallout character? Please tell me it is. When you finish, please let me know! I'm... more
      • Re: Regarding the questionsDrGonzo, Fri Mar 31 8:09pm
        It's not a Fallout character, but I'd imagine a few suits of T-51b would come in handy. The character I'm creating is one of the Armoury staff, an ape called Lucy who has a slight fascination with... more
        • Lucy?Huinesoron, Sat Apr 1 2:12am
          Unless she's actually the Lucy, it might be more interesting to give her a name that sounds like an australopithecine might have it. More interesting, though Lucy could always be a nickname. You can... more
          • Re: Lucy?DrGonzo, Sat Apr 1 3:26am
            It's not her real name. Someone called her that on her first day at the PPC, and it stuck. At this point, even she refers to herself as Lucy.
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