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Re: Regarding the questions
Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:09pm

It's not a Fallout character, but I'd imagine a few suits of T-51b would come in handy.

The character I'm creating is one of the Armoury staff, an ape called Lucy who has a slight fascination with big guns and likes to climb over the armour and hit it with a wrench when she gets stressed. I was asking about the Armoury because I'm not sure if I can make her the head or just a senior agent.

  • Regarding the questionsMaxewell, Fri Mar 31 7:52pm
    1. I'm not entirely sure. 2. I'm fairly sure that nothing is too wacky for the PPC, go for it. :) 3. Is this a Fallout character? Please tell me it is. When you finish, please let me know! I'm... more
    • Re: Regarding the questions — DrGonzo, Fri Mar 31 8:09pm
      • Lucy?Huinesoron, Sat Apr 1 2:12am
        Unless she's actually the Lucy, it might be more interesting to give her a name that sounds like an australopithecine might have it. More interesting, though Lucy could always be a nickname. You can... more
        • Re: Lucy?DrGonzo, Sat Apr 1 3:26am
          It's not her real name. Someone called her that on her first day at the PPC, and it stuck. At this point, even she refers to herself as Lucy.
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