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Sat Apr 1, 2017 2:12am

Unless she's actually the Lucy, it might be more interesting to give her a name that sounds like an australopithecine might have it. More interesting, though Lucy could always be a nickname.

You can actually find sentient English-speaking australopithecines in at least one canon - the Engines of Light trilogy by Ken Macleod. So it would be a bit silly to say you couldn't use one.


  • Re: Regarding the questionsDrGonzo, Fri Mar 31 8:09pm
    It's not a Fallout character, but I'd imagine a few suits of T-51b would come in handy. The character I'm creating is one of the Armoury staff, an ape called Lucy who has a slight fascination with... more
    • Lucy? — Huinesoron, Sat Apr 1 2:12am
      • Re: Lucy?DrGonzo, Sat Apr 1 3:26am
        It's not her real name. Someone called her that on her first day at the PPC, and it stuck. At this point, even she refers to herself as Lucy.
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