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Your Good Ol' Pal Wobbles Theodora Clown
"Ooooh, painful consequences? Mm-mm, that's my fave!"
Sat Apr 1, 2017 4:26am

"Those are just sooooo much fun to dish out, and to take sometimes, if ya find the right meat willin' ta do it, knowwhatAh'msaiyan, huh? Course ya do, you're telemapathic! So you'll know just how much hard work we've been puttin' into wreckin' good characters with the simple addition of a happy-go-lucky clown an' aaaaaalla her knives. Ain't that right, Notesy?"

"... yes, ma'am."

"Attagirl! Knew we'd get there eventually! Now, if you're a good girl and eat all your vegetables, I might even take ya down from there! Y'know, if I can find the pry bar for those nails... or if I can't."

"I... it understands, ma'am."

"See that it does, or it is gonna end up on my show, and we've only got room for one It down there and it ain't you, got it?"

"... mostly?"

"Awright, screw this. We're signin' off fer now, 'cause someone needs a little reminder of exactly where they stand. Oh hey, there's the pry bar! Think of all the fun we can have with this, Notesy! Think of all the FUN!"

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