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Well, not the multiple-lives thing.
Sat Apr 1, 2017 5:14am

Or... I guess if he has a close scrape you can interview-cast it as him taking an extra life or... whatever it is he does?

But if the game says he dies, he dies.


  • Aw, heck, we have a dragon, I'm doing this.Granz the Ice Cream Monarch, Fri Mar 31 6:22pm
    Apecian Huh? A message? Alright, let me see it... WHOO! I GET 'EM BACK! Awesome! I am gonna crush it in there! ((Hey, I figured if we have a dragon running around, I'll give him his powers back. I... more
    • Well, not the multiple-lives thing. — Huinesoron, Sat Apr 1 5:14am
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