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The estemed overlord, we, that is to say, my companion and I
Sat Apr 1, 2017 6:20am

or, to put otherwise, the one who is refereed to as Major Admiral Reginald Von Ictor the Ninth and the humble servant corresponding to yourself, have been, and are, to be, ever to say, presently functioning callously. Our endeavors enjoy resounding consummation. Equestria, that is to say, the continuum assigned to us, or otherwise put, the canon world myself and my partner have been tasked to reprobate and otherwise transmogrify, is as I currently expatiate, within our, that is to say, the esteemed organization to which you, the grand Sunflower Master, presently command, and shall continue forevermore, control. We, to clarify, Major Admiral Reginald Von Ictor and myself, have been performing numerous operations within the World of Words to expatiate the, as you, my Lord, christened, "Goodfic," to our, that is to say, the Enforcers of the Plot Continuum's, means. Forthwith, shall the efforts we, otherwise known as my collaborator and the writer penning this very response, will burgeon.

In perpetuum, your, that is to say, the High Panjandrum, servant;

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