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Pre-Games interviews.
Sat Apr 1, 2017 11:12am


Look out, PPC! I am here to kick butt and chew bubblegum, and I'm all outta bubblegum!


I was told this is some sort of trial for determining rank among warriors. Naturally, with only mortals to stand against me, I shall easily triumph.

... What do you mean, a hydra, a dinosaur and a dragon? What is this "dinosaur"?


Meet the newbs!


Don't get between this girl and her coffee. I have no idea what color her eyes are supposed to be, but I like it! I have a notion she's half Latina. Dunno, though; I'll have to play around with her a bit more.


Left: PPC. Right: Pre-PPC.

Neither one of these is totally perfect. He lacks black fingernails in both. The anime one lacks a nice deep blue skin tone and appropriately fussy glasses, the ears are too short, and he shouldn't actually have slit pupils, IIRC. The fantasy one lacks wings(?!?), the mouth is too full (though the black color is good), and the face shape is too wide.

Between the two, though, there's a half-decent notion of how he ought to look.

Oh, also, meet Rinmaru Games' Mega Fantasy Avatar Creator! There are some pretty sweet options in there, but unfortunately, it's fairly useless if you want to make a buff, masculine-looking dude. Lucky for me, Shimon is not one of those. At all.


  • Mwahaha.Neshomeh, Fri Mar 31 10:57am
    I think I'll give my regular cast a break this time, but for lulz, I'll throw in Shimon and Caprice, who are respectively a male Nosgothic vampire of the Razielim clan and a female 20-something human ... more
    • Pre-Games interviews. — Neshomeh, Sat Apr 1 11:12am
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