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Six half-Pokemon mutant kids, coming right up. (nm)
Sat Apr 1, 2017 12:08pm

  • No more slacking.The Sunflower Emperor, Sat Apr 1 2:01am
    You World One fools are being far too slow. How many new Suvians have you recruites this week? Barely two or three! And how many Goodfics have you twisted to our ends? Maybe one, at a pinch? It isn't ... more
    • Emperor, you say?twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Wed Apr 5 4:52pm
      (If I had just said "*Cue Darth Vader theme here*" this message would've been too short, so... Excuse the caps lock.) Bum bum badadada badadadadadadum Bum bum badadada badadadadadadum BUM BUM... more
    • 'Skreeee! Skreeeee!'The Enervated Rat, Sun Apr 2 1:43am
      'Hisss! Skreeee, hisss!' *Scuttles away on all fours, throwing dirty socks at the light* 'Skreeee! Hiss! Skreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!'
    • "Well, what do you expect?"Agent Paul, Sat Apr 1 11:23pm
      Paul elbows the massive, blue serpent glowering next to him. "A Gyarados has to eat, and he can't be atrocious on an empty stomach! What's the occasional character down the tube, huh? And Vania, well ... more
    • As always, my lord, I live to serve.Allebella, Sat Apr 1 10:20pm
      I have found a promising new Suvian from The Door Within ; a Paragor Knight of renowned abilities and cruelty. Agent Cadha "The Prince sends his regards to the Sunflower Emperor, and hopes that a... more
      • This Gunslinger fella. . .Aegis, Sun Apr 2 11:15pm
        He wouldn't happen to be part of something called the Ka-tet of 19 by any chance, would he?
    • I am attempting to be as efficient as possible, milord.Granz the Frozen Usurper, Sat Apr 1 3:06pm
      I have started the construction of several new recruits. Until then, milord, if you would have mercy and look to my tributes as proof of my loyalty, your humble servant would be most undeservingly... more
    • Ready and waiting.Gryfin Starblaze, Sat Apr 1 12:32pm
      The Good Mod Addict wandered around online, browsing the Discord server. A link came up; he foolishly clicked it. Immediately he found himself in a strange, alien dimension. Warped images of his... more
    • Six half-Pokemon mutant kids, coming right up. (nm) — Not-eatpraylove, Sat Apr 1 12:08pm
    • Oh hey!HerrWozzeck, Sat Apr 1 9:44am
      Can you have a talk with certain parties? I'd name them in public, but I'd face a public lashing elsewhere if I mentioned them by name. Let's just say they're... not so savory types.
    • Now, now, boss-man...William the Warlock, Sat Apr 1 2:13am
      Not that I doubt yer judgment, but isn't the Harry Potter section brimmin' with Sues of all shapes n' sizes? C'mon, me an' the rest of the amateurs you've made me work with are pulling enough... more
    • Oh, puh-lease.Agents Charlie and Maz, Sat Apr 1 2:07am
      We've been working our asses off every day—the Extreme Subdivision of Underpowered Species might not have many goodfics to focus on, but when we do, we go for quality, dammit! Besides, it's hard... more
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