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Ready and waiting.
Sat Apr 1, 2017 12:32pm

The Good Mod Addict wandered around online, browsing the Discord server. A link came up; he foolishly clicked it.

Immediately he found himself in a strange, alien dimension. Warped images of his friends danced to unheard music in strange contortions, and a miasma choked the air around him.

It was sickening. Even so, he took a deep breath on reflex, as if the strange gas wanted to be inhaled. The Good Mod Addict felt power surge through him, the storm of cliches amplifying what abilities he had.

The man collapsed to the ground; the transformation was complete. He stood slowly, relishing the movement before opening his eyes. A well-trained eye would notice a faint pinkish-purple glow to them.

"I have awakened, my Emperor," said Gryfin Starblaze.

The Good Mod Addict was no more.

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