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I'm not really into torture...
Sat Apr 1, 2017 4:23pm

But, then again, I love my favourite characters too much to hurt them! Putting them through hard things and then havign them latch on their only glimmer of hope - our Enforcers, of course! I really prefer that.

In fact, that's what I'm doing myself in Black Sprite, even if Sergio (or, as he goes by now, The Eraser) isn't really an Enforcer now. But having his former agency against him is so edgy! Don't worry, he'll be back in the end, and with Sakura Kinomoto in his arms, of course.

If anyone wants that Syaoran brat for themselves, he's up for grabs.

[OOC: So, the Mirrorverse version of the Blank Sprite incident now exists. I think it is more of along the lines of Eraser!Sergio going rogue after a generic enforcer killed off Sakura to get Syaoran to be single again or something, and the EPC!Sunflower commended the Generic enforcers for that.]

  • Ha - trick question! It's both. And they regenerate automatically, so blowing them up even counts as torture! What I really want to know is: what methods of exploding them can you think of that will... more
    • I'm not really into torture... — ThatAnnoyingTurbo, Sat Apr 1 4:23pm
    • Let's see...Hardric, Sat Apr 1 3:52pm
      Making them blow up with the most Suvian power possible, of course. They'll go back to our side so quickly after seeing our awesome powers at work, and if they see first-hand how awesome they are,... more
    • *shrugs* Core of a non-canon starship? (nm)eatpraylove, Sat Apr 1 11:58am
      • Hmm, I can see that.Huinesoron, Sat Apr 1 12:31pm
        The EPC has a few of those SIDRATs from Master Who lying around, doesn't it? I imagine shoving a reluctant canon face-first into a temporal vortex would prove both entertaining and productive. hS
    • A rather simple affair, that.World-Jumper, Sat Apr 1 5:00am
      First, and it know this can be tricky for those not technologically inclined, acquire an emotional reader. Hormonal, pheramonic, does not particularly matter. Just make sure the machine can read... more
    • Ya gotta combine the two, boss man.Scapegrace, Sat Apr 1 4:32am
      What you do is, you stand them on a thin metal floor, like aluminium or something, then you put a landmine underneath it, wait for them to step on it and hear the click... and that's when you start... more
    • Oh, that's easy.Iximaz, Sat Apr 1 2:10am
      Glitter bombs. With cherries in them. Preferably while singing along perfectly to this song .
      • Yes, yes... excellent. (nm)Huinesoron, Sat Apr 1 2:12am
        • Another option for RPG fans:Iximaz, Sat Apr 1 2:14am
          Bribe your Dungeon Master to give you more spell slots than the game allows. Cast Meteor Swarm way more times than the rules allow. Laugh maniacally at your fellow party members and how overshadowed... more
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