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(( {X D That last line, wow. Love it! )) (nm)
Sat Apr 1, 2017 4:30pm

  • I mean, I guess that works.Iximaz, Sat Apr 1 4:26pm
    But come on, at least tell me the chainmail bikinis are made of solid gold or something. You can't skimp on outfits, even the skimpy ones!
    • Duh! Mythryll, of course. (nm)Huinesoron, Sat Apr 1 5:43pm
      • Hmm. I dunno.Iximaz, Sat Apr 1 6:55pm
        I mean, I guess that's all good if you like the classics, but if you want a more modern twist to your outfit, maybe go for adamantium instead?
        • Oh, come on.Aegis, Sat Apr 1 11:22pm
          Vibranium, surely. And everything that implies. . .
    • (( {X D That last line, wow. Love it! )) (nm) — Neshomeh, Sat Apr 1 4:30pm
      • ((*bows*))Iximaz, Sat Apr 1 4:59pm
        ((*also sequins and glitter. Lots of it.*))
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