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Larfen J. Stocke, esq.
Sun Apr 2, 2017 1:34am

Sunglasses are soooooo coooool their the cooooolest things ever. i once made a big fridge out of sunlgasses and i put some pasta and some chicken and some beans in it to stay cool and wehn i opened it the next day, there was nothing but ice! So i put it into a drink and the drink was delicious but it tasted kiind of like pasta chicken and beans but thats fine.

what i'm saying is: SUYNGLASSES.
And not just on eyes too. i kidnapped three scientists to examin this and they determined (after they stopped tyring to call their familys or whatever some dumb stuff) that sugnglasses are cool because they COVER the eyes and make it mysterious. What could be behind them?! It could be anything, which is why its so cool It might be eyes, but then they might be knives or lasterguns or sockets or icicles or katanas or eyes but RED eyes that are glowing!!!! And they fall out and their katanas that are STILL GLOWING RED!!!!!

so if just covering eyes with sunglasses is cool then covering MORE with sunglasses is even cooler. SO my next missun has Yocherry but instead of wearing shorts and a coat he wears SUNGLASSSes. HUGE sunglasses and the only thing that you can see of him is his ankle, and that's okay because the ankle is the cooles part of the body and its still cool even not-coverd

  • Favorite agent outfits?Iximaz, Sat Apr 1 3:05pm
    Because let's face it, your agents can't be good agents if they don't look good while doing their jobs. For example, in my lastest mission, the Aviator was wearing some really cool combat camo things ... more
      We were RPing as the Mirror-Multiverse version of the PPC. --Key hopes this clears up the confusion
      • Really?Huinesoron, Sat Apr 8 1:54am
        And here I thought we were a community of readers who could interpret from context. hS
        • Was the sarcasm really necessary there?Scapegrace, Sat Apr 8 12:47pm
          hello kettle you are looking very black today
          • ... no. I apologise.Huinesoron, Sat Apr 8 1:47pm
            What I meant was: as a community of readers who are good at reading the context of things, I feel that we don't need an explicit statement that the thread in which I say my agents go around... more
            • I understand what you meantCat-on-the-Keyboard , Mon Apr 10 2:12am
              And yes, we do all know it's an April Fools thread. But when I saw Twistey's misunderstanding, I realized that, well, we (hopefully) get a lot of people coming through who aren't yet super familiar... more
            • ... I also apologise for this post.Huinesoron, Sat Apr 8 2:07pm
              It was unnecessary. By way of explanation: coupled with Sergio's short response to my discussion of the Nameless Admin downthread, I unconsciously percieved this post as an indirect attack. I tried... more
              • Sorry for looking like I was angry with you.Sergio Turbo, Sat Apr 8 2:54pm
                It was mostly a combination of looking at that post when I didn't really have the time for a full answer, and also that... well, I didn't know what else to say? What I meant was that I had understood ... more
                • And I'm sorry for being a bull in a china shop.twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Sun Apr 9 2:55pm
                  You put that big notice up there because of me, didn't you? It's fine, it's fine. As I said earlier, I don't know too much about The Aviator, so I figured that that post had been entirely serious and ... more
                  • Honey, you're fine. Cat-on-the-Keyboard , Mon Apr 10 2:15am
                    Newbies usually mess up at least a little. This wasn't so bad -- nothing but a misunderstanding. A little embarrassing, maybe, but no one got hurt, and if you're still around a year from now we'll... more
                    • Okay, thanks! ^//u//^twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Mon Apr 10 4:59pm
                      Am I right in saying that "(nm)" stands for "no more" or "no message" and means there's nothing in the body? Is that what that is? -Twistey
                      • It stands for 'no message'.Zingenmir, Mon Apr 10 5:40pm
                        And if you don't realize that it fills in automatically and so you write in '(nm)' at the end of your subject line, you get '(nm) (nm)', from which occasional trend sprung NM&NMs! They're like M&Ms,... more
                        • Okay, thanks.twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Tue Apr 11 5:25pm
                          Just needed clarification is all. And bleepolate... there's a Bleeprin equivalent of everything, isn't there?! I don't particularly like Bleeprin; I prefer to just tough it out (or avoid the really... more
                          • Dunno where you heard that.Iximaz, Tue Apr 11 6:23pm
                            I mean, it even says on the Wiki that nobody has a Bleep addiction as far as we've seen. Also... just to clarify, but you know it's not you joining as an agent, right? Because some of your messages... more
                            • I am smart person.twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Wed Apr 12 5:10pm
                              I guess I was just thinking of the effects of a bad fanfic, then. Plus the fact that there's dispensers of Bleeprin everywhere and a Bleeprin version of everything? My idea is that it probably would... more
                              • On Bleeprin and Boarders/Agents/PPCersZingenmir, Sun Apr 16 12:51am
                                I'm pretty sure I have yet to see an outright Bleep addiction, though there certainly are overdose effects (mainly to do with memory issues, IIRC). Also, now I've started thinking about the Bleep... more
                                • Ketcheep?!twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Tue Apr 18 5:41pm
                                  Oh gosh, more Bleep stuff... Everybody seems to have a thing for that thing... (After thinking about Ketcheep for a while, I suddenly thought it sounded like a... weird ship... I'll spare you.) Okay, ... more
                              • Or did I have the wrong term there?twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Sat Apr 15 10:32am
                                Is "PPCer" the same thing as "agent" or "Boarder"? I meant the latter in that previous post. -Twistey
                            • I'm not addicted, I can stop any time I want. Nowgiveitback. (nmEvery PPC Agent Ever, Wed Apr 12 1:46am
    • Sunglasses — Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Sun Apr 2 1:34am
    • As little as poss, obvs!Huinesoron, Sat Apr 1 4:03pm
      I mean, I write elves, so I ALWAYS have them go shirtless. How else can you show how hott they are, amirite? And it works for the girls as well! Think about Gláclya's chainmail bikini, or Selene... more
      • I mean, I guess that works.Iximaz, Sat Apr 1 4:26pm
        But come on, at least tell me the chainmail bikinis are made of solid gold or something. You can't skimp on outfits, even the skimpy ones!
    • Dahling, only coats!Matt Cipher, Sat Apr 1 3:13pm
      Long leather coats are basically saying, "I can kick your butt, and looking awesome doing it! Also, I'm so deep and misunderstood in this modern society, and they don't understand me at all!"... more
      • Maybe not all of that...twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Thu Apr 6 5:58pm
        (Despite not being a PPCer, I think I have a say in this since I design a lot of characters.) I like long coats as well (or just jackets), but more in the Sherlock kind of way, or perhaps the way... more
        • This topic, and a couple of others as well, were actually April Fools ones in which we roleplayed being from the Mirror multiverse. What you see in these topics is basically us parodyzing Suethors.... more
          • I disagree with that idea.Huinesoron, Fri Apr 7 9:55am
            The Nameless Admin exists to get rid of trolls and spam, and to protect people's identities when they accidentally get leaked. Using it for anything else just leads to people demanding changes which... more
          • Well then! If that's the case!twistedwindowpane (Twistey), Fri Apr 7 9:18am
            (Suethor mode, activate! Grammar cringe warning :P) i haf 2 agree w/ whoevr said as little clothin as posibul cuz how else can u get all the boiz to luv u if ur not shmexay?!?!?!?1?!//!??1/ -twizzlers
      • I like coats as well!ThatAnnoyingTurbo, Sat Apr 1 4:27pm
        But I think black, hooded cloaks are cool as well. They're perfect for rogueish characters, and they give that aura of mystery as well. The only thing I'm uncertain about is that they cover ammo... more
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